Review: Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs (2015)

  Let the best species win. COWBOYS VS. DINOSAURS (2015) Not Rated / Color / 89 minutes Directed by Ari Novak Also Known As: Kauboji protiv dinosaurusa Purchase it: (Digital Download or Rental) WARNING: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! You know, I’m just about “dinosaured” out. I saw JURASSIC WORLD […]

Sound Byte: Native Construct – Quiet World

  Over the years, I have listened to my fair share of strange music. You know, the stuff that exists outside the mainstream and could be termed a little eclectic. I would include acts like Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs III, My Own Private Alaska, and some of Les Claypool’s projects among them. I now have […]

Convention Experience: Eternal Con 2015

  This past January, I took a trip down to Long Island in such treacherous conditions that most would consider me crazy for even attempting. I am serious about this, I am not sure I have ever seen that many wrecked cars (including a couple on their roof) in my life. Still, I went. My […]

Movie Review: Insidious – Chapter 3

  Four years ago director James Wan re-teamed with his Saw co-creator, writer Leigh Whannell, to give us his first take on the haunted house story. The resulting film was called Insidious, and it was really quite good. Two years later, they gave us another go around with Insidious: Chapter 2, which proved to be […]

MADMAN (Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray) – You’re Never Alone. You’re Mad!

  The slasher movie comes in many different packages. Sometimes the killer is a sophisticated maniac, well groomed, gloved and ready to kill all the topless girlies he can find. Others are children who wanted to be pure evil when they grew up because the dressed up as a clown on Halloween and knew how […]

The Cut-Throats (Vinegar Syndrome LE DVD) – Burlesque Girls with Machine Guns

  Vinegar Syndrome has released a period piece, World War II, absolutely gonzo release by the name of The Cut-Throats with plenty of softcore nudity and camp sexuality. It’s limited to 1,500 units, and I can assure you there’s something in this movie to make you laugh, something to arouse your curiosity as to what […]

Extraterrestrial (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

  Do not judge Extraterrestrial by its cover. I hate to say it, but after having watching this movie twice I feel that the Blu-ray art really doesn’t embody the feel of the movie. This is an alien movie. It’s actually more of a traditional looking alien ie an alien that looks more like the […]

MAD MAX (Scream Factory Blu-ray) – Mad Mel Gets Revenge

  Mad Max… Not Fury Road. THE Mad Max. The original. The one where Mel Gibson looks like a big goofy caricature of himself or at the very least a castaway from Judas Priest. The one with the great big super charger under or rather through the hood of the Ford Falcon. This is the […]

Stigmata (Scream Factory Blu-ray Review) – Signs of the Arquette

  Stigmata is one of those horror pictures that plays off all the correct, innate religious triggers that get us thinking, “hey… what if the whole Bible thing is really real”? It builds you up, forcing you to remember days spent in Sunday school sweating out your sins in coloring books of the Jesus Christ […]

Gun Woman (Scream Factory Blu-ray Review)

  What is Gun Woman? It’s one of those Scream Factory titles that comes out of nowhere. I’ve never heard of it. It wasn’t one of their retro selections that get so much pomp and fanfare. It’s also not a Chiller/SyFy original. Gun Woman falls into that other category. Asian Thriller/Horror picture. In fact it’s […]

Hack Issues: 7/1/2015

    It’s almost the 4th of July here in the US of A, and in keeping with all things patriotic, this week’s spotlight book is as American as vampire comics come. American Vampire was my (and a lot of other comic readers) first introduction to Scott Snyder. Since the first issue of AV, I’ve […]

DEADtime TV: Bitten ‘Hell’s Teeth’

Since Bitten began, the running plot has involved Malcolm, a werewolf on the outskirts of what the Danvers family consider the Council; as the show has continued to morph from werewolf pack serial killers to witch and wizard magic shows, Malcolm has maintained his presence as the arch-villain forcing the Danvers’ to make bad decisions while hunting […]

BLU-RAY: Jess Franco’s The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein

  After the death of Victor Frankenstein (Dennis Price), two figures vie for control of his metallic-skinned monster (Fernando Bilbao) and the radical technology that created him: the scientist’s daughter, Vera (Beatriz Savón), and the immortal wizard Cagliostro (Howard Vernon), who is assisted by a blind bird-woman. The Redemption label and Kino Lorber have detailed the […]


  10. LA ESTANQUERA DE VALLECAS de PATXI ANDIÓN from LA ESTANQUERA DE VALLECAS (1987)One of the most important things, apart from sex, drugs, low class and lawlessness in a Quinqui movie is the music, a very characteristic one. Here you have our TOP 10!! 9. EL VAQUILLA by LOS CHICHOS from YO, EL VAQUILLA […]

Sound Byte: Pro-Pain – Voice of Rebellion

I remember when my music tastes were beginning to expand beyond glam metal and grunge in the early-90’s, I felt encouraged to try stuff based on cover art. You remember, back in the day when you could go to a music or movie store and browse stuff, there really is no better way to find […]

I, Madman (Scream Factory Blu-ray) – Horror Noir

  Horror Noir. It would almost seem as if the two words were synonymous, but Horror is one thing and Noir is another and they meet at interesting points where one genre consumes another genre albeit for a short while. Think of Horror Noir as a sexual encounter of genres. That’s I, Madman for you. […]

1990: Bronx Warriors, Escape from the Bronx and The New Barbarians (Blue Underground Blu-ray) – Warriors from the Future and the Bronx

  My first experience with 1990: Bronx Warriors was a double feature at the Forum Theater in Metuchen, New Jersey. While I was familiar with the name and though it’s only merit was that it might come close to the 80’s gang fury of The Warriors, I actually showed up for the second half of […]

She Killed in Ecstasy and Vampyros Lesbos (Severin Blu-ray) – Double Your Franco, Double Your Freak On

  When you hear the name Jess Franco you probably instantly starting drooling over the mental images of sexy women artistically splayed across the screen, beautiful shot and set to exquisite music balanced with a plot twist so shocking your mind can barely stand it (because it’s near absurdist). If you were to play a […]

Spider Baby (Arrow Blu-ray) – The Maddest Blu-ray Ever Sold

I have always appreciated Spider Baby though admittedly it is not my favorite horror picture. It’s not the acting; I think everyone does a fantastic job and it isn’t the music which may actually be one of my favorite theme songs of all time (Lon Chaney Jr. does a splendid job). Aside from the opening […]

Island of Death (Arrow Blu-ray) – Destination Understanding, Destination Sleaze Fest Blu-ray

  Oh Island of Death how I adore thee. When I read that some of you cannot appreciate it’s comedy shock perfection mixed with some over the top gratuity and near softcore porn aesthetic I weep for this generation. Guys, Island of Death is a trip, completely a fun time. Perhaps we should lay it […]