The Harvest (Scream Factory Blu-ray) – And You Thought Your Mother Was Terrifying


  Oh what a creepy little movie you turned out to be The Harvest. I’m very impressed. Here I was thinking some kind of small town rural serial killer/homicidal maniac movie and instead I get a well thought out, emotive heart stopper (literally). The Harvest is well acted, well thought out and appreciates the audience […]

DEADtime TV: Wayward Pines ‘Cycle’

Wayward Pines has effectively been building to “Cycle”‘s explosive conclusion since the beginning of the series, and I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t impressed with the climactic, action-packed showdown that makes up the basis of most of this episode’s hour. Let’s face it – we came to see what happens when the Abbies […]

HorrorSexy Podcast Special: Remembering Wes Craven

Legendary horror filmmaker Wes Craven has passed. The horror icon reinvented, redefined, or otherwise resurrected the horror genre during three different decades. In the Seventies, Craven shocked audiences with The Last House on the Left, and set the tone for an entire decade filled with nasty, sleazy exploitation films. In the Eighties, Craven made audiences […]

Super Sex and Pulsating Flesh (Peekarama Vinegar Syndrome DVD) – Even More Tobalina

  Peekarama has become a bit of a Tobalina fest in the last year. For those of you familiar with Carlos’ work you’ll be happy to see more of it complete with shots of San Fran and orgies abounding. The two feature included in the new Vinegar Syndrome double feature aren’t quite Tobalina’s best. Super […]

Burying the Ex (Image Blu-ray)

  What movies do you think of when you think of Joe Dante? For me it’s Piranha and The Howling. I think of The Burbs. These are mean little movies with some comedy, gore and some pretty fun effects usually with outstanding casts. The Howling still has my favorite werewolf transformation and one of my […]


parliamo giallo

  Ciao cari lettori this week let me tell you about excellent news, the great composer Fabio Frizzi will soon be touring is US! A very special show based on a Lucio Fulci tribute called Frizzi 2 Fulci will visit different American cities this fall. Down here you have the dates and details and if […]

The Young LIke It Hot and Sweet Young Foxes (Peekarama Vinegar Syndrome LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY)

  The first Peekarama Big 2 Unit Show on Blu-ray! That’s a big milestone. Vinegar Syndrome is bringing you a limited edition run of a Bob Chinn double feature in HD. You have 2000 chances to get in on this funny and innovative set of movies (the release is limited to 2000). Both movies are […]

i-Lived (Xlrator DVD)

  Did you know that I have the supernatural power of being able to tell you how a movie is going to end just by staring at the cover? I don’t. Sometimes I do. I did in the case of i-Lived the new techno-demonic Horror picture released by Xlrator. First off, great cover. I may […]

The Thing With Two Heads (Olive Blu-ray)

  Ray Milland was a childhood hero of mine. While many of you may remember him form Dial M for Murder, my experience with him started during Fox 5’s Creature Feature Week in the mid-80’s when he played the victim of a science experiment gone horribly wrong in X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes. […]

Frizzi 2 Fulci Fever Hits The United States This October, Death Waltz Vinyl Releases


Frizzi 2 Fulci fever is hitting the US with a number of recently announced dates spurning some Italian Horror folks to get off their couch and see live, awesome gore music before their very eyes. Fabio Frizzi is performing at a few cities in the US including Austin and Los Angeles where some exciting vinyl will […]


  Let’s get one thing straight. If you’re watching the Avon Triple Feature disc, you are not watching it to get off. These are not hot young bodies performing sexual fantasies right before your very eyes. These are amateurs reacting to bad or no scripts on camera performing badly to amazing comedic effect. Each movie […]

Thrashin’ (Olive Blu-ray)

  David Winters was known for making plenty of made-for-TV movies in the 70’s and even crafting the Alice Cooper documentary Welcome to My Nightmare, but he made a cult name for himself when he created the skateboard equivalent of Endless Summer with Thrashin’. Having lived a third of my life in the 80’s and […]

Sweet Trash and The Hang Up (Drive-In Collection Vinegar Syndome DVD)

  As many of you know, The Drive-In series is one of my favorite offerings made by any distro company out there. It’s a chance to become educated in offbeat titles that have varying genre, style and origin while somehow finding connective tissue between unrelated releases. This month Sweet Trash and The Hang Up are […]

Waxwork Records To Release Evil Dead 2 – Fans Will Decide Its Design

If you know me personally, then you know that I haven’t jumped into the vinyl collecting wormhole, at least not yet. I am quite fascinated with the attention to detail some of these boutique labels are putting into their product, though. James, my partner in crime here at HorrorSexy, and the proprietor of DocTerror has […]

Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

  Director Thomas Casey, the man behind Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things only was responsible for one movie. He wrote a documentary and he even wrote a picture about a group of Nazis who were trying to resurrect Hitler… in Florida. So you can imagine how good Flesh Feast turned out. Still, out of […]

Eject (Scream Factory Blu-ray)


  Let me cut right to it. Ejecta didn’t quite get me the way I wanted it to. I can appreciate that it plays off of some of the same tropes that made the X-Files so successful, but the picture is a whole lot of nothing going on. Let’s tie a guy to seat and […]

Morbid – Now on DVD

  Chuck Conry’s directorial debut Morbid is officially available on DVD today! This fun throwback to classic 80’s slashers is entertaining from start to finish, with lots of comedic elements as well as a mean streak a mile long. Highly recommended, and you can read my full review below. The extras on the disc include […]

Screening Report: Exhumed Films Guilty Pleasures II (8/22/15, Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers, NY)

  Exhumed Films is a group based out of the Philadelphia area that put on genre film marathons and other special events on an annual basis. Last year they started a new tradition, the Guilty Pleasures Marathon. They take five films that had positive play at one of their prior shows and put them together […]

Backcountry (IFC Midnight/Scream Factory Blu-ray)


  Boy did Backcountry piss me off. Here I am expecting SOMETHING to happen through the whole movie, and when finally something happens… a bear attack… it barely happen (pun fully intended). Now I get that Backcountry is supposed to be this psychological thriller of a picture that plays off wilderness horror, but could something… […]

Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 8/26/15

Chances are if you’re visiting a website called “HorrorSexy”, you’re a fan of horror. Chances also are that if  you’re into horror, you probably love monsters. I know I do. Here’s what I also know: no matter how much I love monsters, I’ll  never love monsters as much as Mike Mignola does. The research he […]