Hack Issues: Horror Comics For The Week Of 11/18/15

It’s almost turkey day, but before you get ready to stuff your faces with casseroles and cooked bird, why not stuff your face with some horror comics first? They’re way less fattening, won’t put you in a food coma, and they won’t leave your body several hours later. Horror comics stay with you forever. This […]

Review: Project Nemesis #2

The second issue of Project Nemesis, the comics adaptation of writer Jeremy Robinson’s kaiju novel, from American Gothic Press arrives in stores today, a week earlier than expected. That could be a screw up from Diamond, but it sounds more to me like an early Christmas present. Last issue we were introduced to Jon Hudson, […]



On November 3rd, 2015, Arrow Video released Ulli Lommel’s debut film, ‘Tenderness of the Wolves,’ which is a glimpse into the life of notorious German serial killer, Fritz Haarmann, who seduced boys and young men, then tore out their throats and sold them as pork to local restaurants. The film opens with a Woman in bed awoken by […]

Bloody Knuckles (Artsploitation Blu-ray)

  I’m used to Artsploitation being offensive and challenging. It’s a pleasure to be tested especially as relates to somewhat obscure, independent, foreign Horror and Dark Fantasy, but sometimes… just sometimes… you need to chill out and watch a gonzo, gore picture with a whole lotta nonsense, crazy violence and, hopefully, a modicum of originality. […]

Boardinghouse (Olive and Slasher//Video DVD)

  Boardinghouse is one of those movies that has a very tried and true cult following. These folks adore this movie for more than it’s completely absurd low budget computer effects and beyond the hot bodies on screen. In one respect I’d compare the loyal audience that support this movie to those who adore The […]

Stung (Scream Factory Blu-ray) – A Gory, Funny Time, No Bug Spray Required.

  Stung will be in my top ten releases of 2015 this year. Guaranteed. I adored this movie when it initially hit and tried to encourage folks to catch it before the long winter until it hit Blu-ray. I didn’t know quite where it would land, but IFC Midnight and Scream Factory are putting it […]

The Human Centipede (The Complete Sequence) (Scream Factory/IFC Midnight Blu-ray) – The Whole Damn Thing.

  I love the first Human Centipede. I do not like the second Human Centipede. I despise the third Human Centipede, and yet for some reason I was compelled (beyond the requirement to review this trio) to watch all three movies over the course of two nights including all the extras in this set from […]

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley (Fox Blu-ray) – I Can’t Believe I Liked This

  I have ranted. I have raved. I have extinguished all hope for the possession subgenre. I have been “that horror fan”, felt bad for being “that horror fan” and then come to terms with the fact that I truly have felt very nasty toward this particular trend. It has epitomized most of what I […]

MORITURIS (Synapse Blu-ray) – The Most Fun You’ve Ever Had Being Killed by Roman Gladiators

  The joys of Italian Horror were many the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but somewhere in the 90’s the well seemed to dry up. The funding well that is. Suddenly folks in the US were not interested in devouring movies with subtitles or dubbed movies. We wanted the action big budget action Hollywood flicks and […]

A Halloween Treat and New Short from Wes Casey Productions

maxresdefault (2)

As a special belated Halloween treat, we want to give you a whole lot of Wes Casey Productions and take a look at where a good friend of ours has been over the last month or so. We will be taking a look at Skelley’s newest effort, The Figure out now and a special Halloween […]

Hack Issues: Horror Comics For The Week Of 11/4/15

As admitted before, I can fully admit to being completely biased when it comes to a new Mike Mignola book. Simply put, I’m a fanboy of the Mignola-verse.I understand that these comics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s perfectly ok. For me though, a new Mignola book is equivalent of say a […]

Bone Tomahawk (Review) – Western Scare Gore with Style

  What a brutal little movie this turned out to be! Bone Tomahawk was getting some serious praise post-festival screening this week, so I just had to check it out. Granted I didn’t have the benefit of a crowd with me, and I was watching a watermarked, low quality screener from the company, but the […]

Manos The Hands of Fate (Synapse Films) – The Case For the Blu of the Bad

  Oh Manos The Hands of Fate how you have come a long way baby. From the drive-in to the Mystery Science Theater riff desk to a Blu-ray produced by Synapse, restored to the best of anyone’s ability and ready to be enjoyed in an archival way… For those of you who have only been […]

MOSQUITO (Synapse Blu-ray) – 16mm with the 35mm Giant Bugs

  I love the way they synopsis talks this one up as a “Tour de force of terror”. Is Mosquito a scary movie? Not hardly, but that’s absolutely what you would expect when you pick up the box and slide the movie into your Blu-ray player. I expected nothing more than schlock special effects and […]

Last Shift (Magnet Blu-ray)

  Last Shift wasn’t exactly on my radar this year. I hadn’t heard of it until the announcement showed up in my inbox, but I knew it was a Magnet release. That usually bodes well for the type of quality Horror I want to see. What you’ve got here is supernatural, occult based Horror picture […]

Final Girl (Cinedigm Blu-ray) – NOT The Final Girls

  This year I had the chance to check out The Final Girls. Boy did I love that one. Meta Horror with a slasher theme and a focus on some fun kills with plenty of comedy to keep the whole thing rolling. I recommend The Final Girls. When I then heard that a movie called […]

Revenge of the Virgins and Teenage Zombies (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) – Drive-In Collection

  The Drive-In Double feature this month is a combination of strange exploitation movie and perfectly schlock monster movie. You know how you know Teenage Zombies is schlock… two words… gorilla suit. That’s all you need to know that it’s something that must be seen to be believed. There have been plenty of articles that […]

Tremors 5: Bloodlines – Every Franchise Deserves an Entry Called Blood Lines

  Oh Tremors 5. How did we get here? I suppose once you hit part 5 of a series you have to start asking yourself what your expectation is for the franchise. Now the Tremors movies have always been humorous, effects based Horror movies with clever monsters, familiar faces reprising roles and a complete lack […]

Blu-ray Review: I Spit on Your Grave 3: Vengeance is Mine

  As usual, when it was announced that I Spit On Your Grave was being remade, the internet moaned, whined and complained. That is, until the movie was released, and it was met with mostly positive reactions, at least from its target audience. Some have tried to make the argument that this reboot is pure […]