Untitled-3Today we launch HorrorSexy in a different form with a newly defined purpose. Physical Media Lives! That’s a mantra, right? That’s a battle cry? I say this and shout it to the rafters, but it’s hard to believe with the complete saturation of stream this, instant that, pirate everything and download it all. What has occurred to me is that the our little Horror world is a unique place where we actually do buy discs, records, toys; we collect the old, the new and fawn over the not yet released. We do this and still support streaming services but enjoy the physical perhaps more than fans of other genres. So it lives for us. Physical Media that is. It survives because we help it along by purchasing everything we can and collecting it and sharing it in a physical way.

It’s time you had a place to enjoy the “comfort food” of physical releases of Horror albeit in a digital format that resembles a physical magazine. That’s what HorrorSexy is now. It’s all things Horror that are sexy because you can touch them. You can lick them and love them with your paws. You can grab hold of the Horror and collect it. You’ll find everything from Blu-ray and DVD news, reviews, updates and thoughts to explorations of the newly fetished records everyone is so in love with. You’ll find Horror comics a go go with updates about what you should be buying, reading, going viral with and how to find the books you need to read. Toys, Posters and prints. Collectibles. Updates from the distributors themselves and reports from your friends at HorrorSexy. Physical Media Lives! PHYSICAL HORROR LIVES! PHYSICAL HORROR IS SEXY!

We will be updating with regular articles and updates as well as reviews of upcoming physical media in unique formats. We will also be updating our monthly “cover”. Look to the menu on the left of the screen to provide you with our table of contents as well as quick links to editorials by your favorite writers and advertisements by physical media outlets that we support.

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