A Good Nights Sleep (HorrorSexy Short of the Month)


I don’t sleep. People ask me how I’ve written so much over the past few years, and it’s simple. If you stay awake as long as possible, you can write as much as you like. You can see everything… every movie you could want. Sure your eyes become sensitive and sore, and there’s a general tightness in my fingers at all times (I like to think that my fingers are full of MUSCLES!) but in all actuality it’s completely unhealthy. Though I’ve tried to convince myself otherwise I truly enjoy the big old bed. I like it when my eyes are shut for a few hours to have real dreams. That brings us to the short of the month. A Good Nights Sleep was written and directed by Sam Knight, produced by Wesley Skelly and released by Wes Casey Productions.  This is the second short we’re featuring from WCP, and judging by the quality and the output, we plan to feature more of their releases.

a-good-nights-sleep-nomination-posterA Good Nights Sleep is the tale of Anne, a woman whose life is fully of white noise and chit chat and small talk. It’s a life that could very well be your life or mine.  It seems only fair that she try to live it to its fullest, taking opportunities and participating in what we like to call a social life. Alas, this is not Anne’s forte. In fact, her forte is something quite other, something more diabolical. Anne craves the peace and solace of slumber and she’s damn sure she’s going to get it at any cost.

Knight delivers a work of dark fantasy that is both entertaining and malicious. On one hand we’ve got well written and rehearsed dialogue with clever editing to create long pieces of cinematic dialogue that are rich with laughs and keep the movie moving forward. Clocking in at just over fourteen minutes, A Good Nights Sleep fits a lot in by using great feats of on screen economy to deliver development of character. Our cast is well orchestrated and perform well at times going for gonzo crazy, melodramatic and almost over energetic surprise. It works in horror well, and reminds me of the performances you might find in a Pete Walker movie.

It is not a flawless film mind you having some audio volume issues and a dire need for more gore on screen (that’s just my personal preference), but these do not detract from the overall look and feel of the movie.

The opening titles sequence is strong a great title card in Crayola blood red strewn about the screen like a gore picture from the 60’s. There’s solid musical accompaniment by Plissken 31 and Rusty Apper with a special treat of a song in the films title track.

Here’s the short for your perusal.

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