A Halloween Treat and New Short from Wes Casey Productions

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As a special belated Halloween treat, we want to give you a whole lot of Wes Casey Productions and take a look at where a good friend of ours has been over the last month or so. We will be taking a look at Skelley’s newest effort, The Figure out now and a special Halloween treat from Wes Casey Productions.

We’d also like to note that we will be reviewing Beside the Seaside, a VHS slasher short soon. We were unable to include it in this entry due to technical difficulties.

Wesley James Skelley’s newest short, The Figure, is finished and available now. This short film is filled with much of what we’ve come to expect from Skelley and co with the theme focusing in on a relationship gone wrong the results of which may feel cataclysmic. Of course the piece isn’t without  a twist, one that should be shouting at you to pay attention to what value we hold in relationships, what we hold important and how we can simply overlook the wolf behind the door, when we’re too busy squabbling about burnt food and pizza. Once again solid musical offering by Plissken 31 along with Kevin MacCleod and Rusty Apper.

While the performances are all strong, there is an ambiguity in the end of thepicture that doesn’t exactly scream moral tale, and it feels like the message may be more subverted than I enjoy in a cautionary. That The Figure is a cautionary tale in and of itself is my own personal interpretation which could easily be reading too much into the work.

Note to self: if I go to the UK, no pizza… they don’t cut it, they throw pepperoni all over the place on the pie and it simply will not hold up to New Jersey standards.

Check out The Figure for yourself now:




From Wes Casey Productions:

“The Figure (2015) is the newest no budget short horror from Wes Casey Productions. Jennifer – Carla Read, has picked tonight as the make or break point in her failing marriage with Richard – Daniel Lee. Can she salvage a relationship hanging from a thread? The Figure – Sam Knight has other plans for this doomed couple.”

Enjoy Skelly’s Halloween mixtape music video from ten Halloween films. This includes scenes, trailer, music and quotes from each of the Halloween movies. The intro is my favorite part, using the classic RKO/The Thing from another World opening that was featured in the original Halloween.



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