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Lost Mysteries Maniac CopTravis Falligant first came to my attention on Twitter, when his Lost Mysteries series started up. Working as a graphic designer, his unique style and fun eye has quickly grown him a fan base for people raised in the 80’s and 90’s. He was nice enough to chat with me today about how his sexy art got to where it is!

What got you into drawing and graphic design?
Well, I’ll tell you that I’ve always been creative, ever since I was younger. It was kind of an escape for me because we moved a lot, as a family. It was kind of difficult to make friends in the various places that we lived. So I always relied on being creative and being by myself. So a good outlet for me was to draw. I also enjoyed movies, TV, and pop culture things, as you can see in a lot of my work. That’s where the inspiration comes from.

Lost Mysteries Golden GirlsOne of the things that that drew my attention to you was the Lost Mystery series, with the different horror icons added in to the Scooby Doo stills. Which are pretty amazing, especially how obscure some of the characters that you pull out are! What prompted you to start on that series?
That was kind of a lark actually. I’m a huge horror fan, and I was always a big Scooby fan growing up as well. I was re-visiting the old cartoons last summer, and I’d seen and heard of spoofs, like on Robot Chicken, that had slashers in the Scooby Doo setup. So I wanted to know what it would like if it was authentic, looking how it was actually made. So I took some screen caps of some of my favorite scenes and illustrated the monster or slasher, and incorporated it into that environment, manipulating it to look like it was an actual screen shot of an episode. A lot of people have asked “Oh my God, did you recreate all that art yourself?” The answer is no. It is more concept than creative achievement. It is more of a collage that I created. The end result was fun, and I decided to put it out there, thinking that other horror fans would get a kick out of it. It took on a larger following, almost a snowball effect, getting me a lot of welcome exposure. And I guess I’m still riding that wave a bit.

Poster design art for HorrorHound 2009 show.And it is nice that the pieces that you add into it are still very natural to the Scooby Doo world.
Thanks. Yeah, I tried to make it as seamless as possible, to make people wonder if that actually did exist.

Besides horror, you mentioned your pop culture work, and some of it is amazing! Besides horror, what are some of your favorite comfort films?
There are quite a few. One of my favorite movies of all time is THE MONSTER SQUAD. I’ve always loved that movie. And I’m gonna stick with the horror side for a second, but besides MONSTER SQUAD, I’d have to go with FRIGHT NIGHT. The original, obviously, not the remake. Some other comfort films are TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING, JULIE NEWMAR (yes, he referred to it by its full title!) because I love that movie! It’s Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and John Leguizamo in drag. I just get a kick out of it, it’s awesome! And OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE with Bette Midler and Shelley Long. There is a lot of them. Mostly stemming from the 80’s and 90’s. I love that era of film, as the filmmakers in the era didn’t allow the PC to kill people’s sense of humor. You could do just about anything.

Pussy Willows Serial MomYeah, I’ve always been a fan of a mixture of that, with blend of John Hughes meets John Waters.
You’re naming ones that I could totally rattle off more from. I looooove John Hughes and also John Waters.

How did the partnership with Aaron Crawford from Cavity Colors come about?
Aaron reached out to me through the Lost Mysteries stuff, and I had done, as a side project, a painting of Chucky/Faces of Death design. And he really liked that, so he wanted to make a t-shirt of that. So I cleaned that up and we released that as our first collaboration. Since then, he’s noticed other pieces that I’ve done in the past and said “Let’s release that!” And of course, I’m like “Heck yeah!”

Great. I love the Wolfman’s Got Nards target practice piece.
(Laughs) Yeah, that’s an older piece, from about 2012, I did for an art show. It was for Halloween themed things. And my day job, I work for a company that makes cardboard standees, cut outs and what not. So I made it out like a kid’s target practice game and I put on cardboard, selling them at the show. That design caught Aaron’s eye and he wanted it for a tee. He really embellished it and I think it looks amazing with the different colors. He designed that, taking the original artwork and gave it its own flair.

ScreamAny further collaborations, with him or any other artists, to look forward to?
We are still in talks to do more together. Also with an artist named Trevor Henderson, that does amazing horror work. We’ve had a few chats online about possible things. As far as my own stuff, I am going to have a new line of tees released through my Society6 shop for summer. I’m gearing up for that right now and be on the lookout for a big announcement about it within the next month or so. There is a lot more coming, so keep your eyes peeled!

Where can fans go to purchase your work?
I have a Society6 shop, and a RedBubble shop. I also did for the past two Octobers, I did a sketch series called the 31 Days of Halloween, and that is all available on the RedBubble shop.

Are you available for commissions and if so how can that be arranged?
I sure am. I just came off of a big job with TeeFury, doing some designs for them, so I’m just now open again for private commissions. Just shoot me an email at and I’ll get back to you with pricing and info.

Illustration artwork of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.His other pertinent info:
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He can also be heard on the most recent episodes of the Straight/Gay Podcast.

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