The B-Movie Film Vault – New DVDs & Blu-rays for 05/26/2015!


As we bid a fond farewell to May, we are sent off with some kick-ass DVD & Blu-ray discs from a large variety of our favorite distributors! Scream Factory knows what I love because they just put out GUN WOMAN, and two awesome nature-strikes-back double features of THE FOOD OF THE GODS & FROGS, and EMPIRE OF THE ANTS & JAWS OF SATAN!

Arrow Films has given us ISLAND OF DEATH in a nice 2-disc special edition, while Grindhouse Releasing has debuted their impressive Deluxe Edition of CANNIBAL FEROX! Vinegar Syndrome has finally released their highly anticipated blu-ray of MADMAN, Kino Read the Sexy

From:: New DVDs & Blu-rays for 05/26/2015!

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