BACK THIS: STRAFE Looks to Revive the Golden Age of PC Gaming


That’s right. If you’re like me (a 26-year-old male who has slowly alienated everyone out of his life) then you grew up during the golden age of computer gaming. I’m talking about CRT monitors, sound cards and fucking dial-up tones. That shit was balla’ in the 90s. Maybe you were fancy with your internets and hit up a BBS every now and then. And don’t even get me started on Geocities…

And the games were great at the time. There wasn’t a better era for shooters on the PC. I was playing UNREAL, QUAKE, QUAKE 2, DOOM, DOOM 2, UNREAL TOURNAMENT, etc. Yeah, they were mostly the same game but they were all the same RAD game. Can you play your lame-ass CALL OF DUTY with a “rocket arena” option? Didn’t think so and that’s why that game is garbage.

But to get to the topic at hand – there is a game called STRAFE which has just launched a kickstarter campaign. Now before you click out of this because you saw the word “kickstarter,” please watch this video below and tell me how this doesn’t fill the blood vessels in your nostalgia-cock.



I’ll give you a minute to change your underwear. Check out the kickstarter link if I’ve convinced you.

STRAFE is a 90’s-inspired FPS that is currently in development by Pixel Titans. It features randomly created levels and enemies for you to shoot at in all bloody, pixelated glory. It even has colored-lighting which you might remember from QUAKE 2.

On their kickstarter page, there are endorsements from the developer greats such as Cliff Bleszinski and John Romero. The flavor-text for the game is cheeky but they aren’t trying too hard. This is just a studio paying homage to games they grew up with in the best possible way.

Backing with $25 will get you a copy of the game (on the PC, obviously) and that’s where I recommend people to start. Listen, I’ve been wanting a 90’s shooter-resurgence for years and this could be the first step, so STAND WITH ME!

And if you get a chance, check out the game’s site which is what you would expect. It’s beautiful.

STRAFE has just hit the kickstarter world. We have just under a month to get this funded. Make it happen, America.

Source: Kotaku, Video from IGN

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