Bit-O-Sexy: Jennifer Aniston

Welcome to Bit-O-Sexy, a column designed to turn you on to horror by featuring images, trailers, products, and whatever else I deem worthy of being called sexy. Now, in the case of this column, anything deemed sexy is not always going to be sexy in the traditional sense, but will always focus on cool horror related people, pictures, trailers, and things.

Before finding fame and fortune with Friends, a young Jennifer Aniston took a stab at the horror genre, appearing in the classic 1993 movie Leprechaun. We all remember that one, right? It was a silly little slab of of post-slasher silliness. Sure, it was fun, but it is far from great. Still, we got a fun titular villain out of it, played by none other than Warwick Davis. Still, there is something about Aniston’s turn in the film that is more than memorable, it is a little sad.

No, there is no doubt she is quite sexy in said film, but she also shows she had what it takes to be a scream queen. It is legitimately sad that this is the only horror appearance she made. I will not begrudge her the fame she achieved with Friends, but she was really good here and had the chops to be a great. I guess we will just have to keep the Leprechaun alive and think about what could have been.

Here are a couple of clips from the movie:

How about a few pictures?

It is a shame isn’t it? Just think about what she coud have done for 90’s horror….

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