Bit-O-Sexy: Mini Jason Voorhees

Welcome to Bit-O-Sexy, a column designed to turn you on to horror by featuring images, trailers, products, and whatever else I deem worthy of being called sexy. Now, in the case of this column, anything deemed sexy is not always going to be sexy in the traditional sense, but will always focus on cool horror related people, pictures, trailers, and things.

Don’t tell me that toys can’t be sexy. No, it may not Danielle Harris sexy, but try telling that to pne of those Funko POP collectors. It is my firm belief that while I am not much of a toy collector, there is no denying that a toy can be sexy. When you see it you know it, from the quality of the sculpt to the sharpness of the colors, to the overall quality of the piece. A well made toy can certainly be a prized display piece to cherish and adore.

The picture below may not be the sexiest you’ll ever see and it may be more accurate to call it adorable, but this Funko mini is pretty sexy. It is the only one that I have (and I only have it because a friend had a duplicate), but he is a downright adorably sexy badass and this photo makes him look the best he possibly can. It is a mini Jason Voorhees. The little guy has already bloodied his knife and seems to be a little forlorn with no one left to play with. Don’t you want to play with him?

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