Bit-O-Sexy: Monster Mania Edition

Welcome to Bit-O-Sexy, a column designed to turn you on to horror by featuring images, trailers, products, and whatever else I deem worthy of being called sexy. Now, in the case of this column, anything deemed sexy is not always going to be sexy in the traditional sense, but will always focus on cool horror related people, pictures, trailers, and things.

Last weekend was Monster Mania XXX. It was another great time meeting celebrities, hanging out with friends, making new friends, checking out the awesome vendors, and otherwise living like a rock star for a couple of days. There really is nothing like it and if you like horror and don’t go to conventions, you are really missing out on a lot.

In any case, I thought I would do a quick Monster Mania themed edition of Bit-O-Sexy. A quick little piece centered on some of the guests I met at the convention, thought you may not have had enough after my recap post the other day.

First up is a wonderful actress that has only recently taken a leap to the head of the class. She may be around 70, but she is an adorable lady and an absolute pleasure to meet. She is none other than Lin Shaye. She has risen to the lead with Insidious, but you may remember her from movies like There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin, Dead End, or perhaps A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Next is an actress that rose to fame in the 80’s with movies like Private School, Tomboy, Avenging Angel, and Cheerleader Camp, and then more recently playing a prominent role in the later Saw sequels. She is quite lovely and looks great to this day. Here is a throwback to Avenging Angel:

Another actress from the Saw films, who also appeared in movies like Johnny Mnemonic, Starship Troopers, Piranha 3D, and Bats was also on hand, and looking as lovely as ever, Dina Meyer. Many of you likely first took notice of her in Starship Troopers, but I remember her back to Johnny Mnemonic. She was great to meet, happy to meet the fans and just seemed to be having an all around good time.

Rounding out this edition is PJ Soles, who is all about the fans. She just seems to be having a good time and loves meeting people. You will probably remember her from the original Halloween, Stripes, Carrie, or Rock n Roll High School. Perhaps you remember her more recently with her cameo in The Devil’s Rejects.

That about wrap it up! Keep on the look out for more Bits of Sexy!

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