The city of San Lucifer is a scumbag wonderland: easy access to drugs, prostitutes on every corner, easily bought cops, and a horny toxic waste monster looking to breed!  ‘BOTTOMFEEDER‘ is a brand new comic mini-series written/adapted from a screenplay by Stephen Romano, based on a story by Stephen Romano, Shawn Lewis and Joseph Melendez, with illustrations by Patricio Carbajal and colors by Javi Lappara, which you can see samples of below.  Shawn and Stephen also collaborated on the graphic novel adaptations of Lucio Fulci’s ‘The Beyond‘ and ‘Zombie,’ so if you’ve never read any of Stephen Romano’s comics, click on those links for some early samples.

BOTTOMFEEDER follows Lieutenant Joe Angell, a low down, drug-addict, America loving, army veteran, cop as he makes his rounds through the city, trying to solve a wave of brutal, gory, murders involving the creature, which he himself inadvertently helped create, that’s attacking and impregnating women. To aid him on this case, Angell enlists the help of the tough-as-nails Carolyn Osteen, a medical examiner and basically, his only friend.  Along the way, Angell meets Zoe Z, a sweet, strung out, seventeen year old prostitute with fairly obvious daddy issues. Anton Aziz is the head of the Rashid Chemical Company and is preparing his own sinister plot for the city.  There is also Kassandra Dickerson, an aging former reality TV star turned talk show host trying to stage her big comeback.  Finally, there is the Joe Spinell inspired Pervert, who just oozes gross. All the characters, on some level, seem just as pathetic/despicable as Angell, hell, the only redeeming character may be the monster itself.  At least it can’t help itself.

As a film, BOTTOMFEEDER was set to star Joe Pilato (Captain Rhodes in ‘Day of the Dead’) as Angell.  However, since the film never came to fruition, Pilato’s particular brand of nastiness was transferred pretty accurately to the pages of BOTTOMFEEDER. The video below will give you a taste of what you can expect from Angell as far as a voice to hear while you are reading:

Judging from the sample pages on the website, this is set up to be a great story with awesome, gruesome art. A veritable grindhouse film on paper, BOTTOMFEEDER is  the kind of comic you’d have to hide between your mattress and box springs from your mom when you were a kid.  It’s described as “‘Humanoids from the Deep’ meets ‘Bad Lieutenant,'”  and it couldn’t be any more spot on than that.  The influence of the 1980’s is ever-present.  Just look at the promo poster with a barely clothed Zoe wrapped around the leg of Angell, who is fending off the monster: It’s right off of a big, clam-shell VHS, that was sitting on the shelf of your local mom and pop video store.  You can almost envision the monster itself as a man in a rubber suit on the big screen.

BOTTOMFEEDER is coming soon to your local comic book retailer!

You want something fucking raw?  You want something fucking original?  It’s BOTTOMFEEDER, motherfucker!

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