Comic Review: Broken Moon #3 Of 4


The monster brawl for control of planet Earth courtesy of horror comics masters Steve Niles and Nat Jones continues in this third issue of the four issue series. To catch anyone unfamiliar up, the short version of the story behind Broken Moon is this: mankind went to war, everyone launched nukes and the moon was nearly destroyed. From the darkness, the creatures of the night crawled forth, and began to fight for ownership of the land. Vampires vs Werewolves, with what is left of humanity caught in the middle. As of issue two, the human survivors have become reluctant allies with the werewolves, who refuse to use humans as a source of food anymore, and the two groups are headed toward the deep north in search of Victor Frankenstein, and his army of reanimated soldiers for help.

Issue three opens at the Frankenstein stronghold, with Victor refusing to intervene in the struggle against Vampire City. While he’s aware of what the vampires are up to, attempting to poison the oceans, thus turning the Earth’s atmosphere deadly for any living thing, Victor sees it as a problem that is centuries away from having and truly harmful effect, and instead wishes to return to his work. While on their way out, the humans and werewolves continue to plead their case to the original Frankenstein’s Monster, and he agrees to travel with them to see first hand just how bad things are, the extent of the threat to the balance of nature the vampires are becoming.

Along the way, they come across a small group of captured humans, being herded by vampires toward Vampire City, and the Monster jumps into action to rescue them. After laying eyes on this scene, as well as the poisoning of the ocean for himself, the Monster agrees that something must be done to stop the vamps and promises to attempt to convince Victor that the Frankenstein Army must get involved.

Broken Moon is the kind of comic I believe every monster kid out there dreamed of. When you take arguably the single biggest name in horror comics today, writer Steve Niles, and turn him loose with these classic monsters, letting him tell a story bringing the characters all together in a modern setting, the result is going to be something special. Add to that artist Nat Jones, a guy who has proven himself time and time again as not only one of the most elite horror artists, but simply comic artists in general, in the industry today, and you get nothing short of comic book magic. Jones’s art is jagged, chaotic, yet fluid, and the creatures on the page are hulking, intimidating forces of destruction. In short, they’ve never looked better. These guys are playing off of each other’s strengths in this book beautifully, like Ennis and Dillon, or Wolfman and Perez.

Sadly, there’s only one issue left in the series after this one. With the battle lines essentially drawn out at this point, I’m expecting issue four of this monster mash to be one Hell of a battle. Frankenstein’s army, werewolves, and humanity in an all-out attack on Vampire City for the fate of the planet. This one’s going to get bloody. I can’t wait to see what Niles and Jones have planned to put us through.

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