DEADtime TV: Helix ‘Ectogenesis’


We’ve yet to make it to that other island Helix has been talking about, but that’s because “Ectogenesis” puts quite a few of season two’s main characters in danger doing other things, things that don’t have anything to do with Ilaria. On the same note, we meet back up with Balleseros, the man with the perfect face and coiffed facial hair, and Julia in the present, dropping in to help Peter since they haven’t heard from him in a few days. Even fan favorite (despite only featured in a couple of episodes) Doreen comes back in a dream sequence with Alan, so Helix is really working to incorporate those threads it left out in the finale of last season.

“Ectogenesis”’ main goal is to put both Kyle and Sarah in sticky situations, and it does so throughout most of the episode. If it’s not Kyle, then it’s Sarah, and that allows the episode to get back into the intensity that made the show’s first season so fun. There are also stakes to these characters’ deaths: Sarah wants to get her baby back, because it holds a key to immortality, and Kyle is the only one who knows about a mysterious blood tree that apparently stops the infection rate of the island virus. The team can’t risk losing either one, and Helix recognizes that.

Let’s start with Sarah first, because her baby is going to wind up being much more important in the show than Kyle’s discovery. Amy holds the baby hostage, in a way, and she wants immortality in exchange. She wants to be the first female leader of the island, to run it much like Michael but with her own powers, and since Sarah was made immortal from an injection of spinal fluid, she believes the same can be done for Amy. It’s a delicate procedure, though, especially because Amy has to draw the fluid from Sarah’s spine – a wrong move could leave her paralyzed, and a couple of tense scenes make that abundantly clear.

Luckily, Amy succeeds, but Sarah schemes to kill her with a flower spore of poison. It backfires on her when Landry volunteers to take the spinal fluid first: his undying love for Amy has him reasoning that if he lives, he’ll be immortal with her, and if he dies then he dies doing it to protect her. What a good Romeo! Yet Amy knows that it’s probably poisoned and allows him to do it anyway, and when Landry inevitably starts convulsing, she promptly ends the deal with Sarah.


It’s difficult to really believe this new character change in Amy. She’s never been timid, and has always wanted power, but the jump from being dumbfounded about Michael’s background to completely accepting of immortality still seems kind of ridiculous. Amy is really playing up the “I have power and you don’t” thing, so it seems pretty clear that she’ll die soon, never able to create her own strain of immortal children.

Kyle’s story is a bit different, though he’s still held captive by crazies. These crazies happen to be infected, though, and they like to eat people – notably, their eyes. Soren’s a part of their group, although they did eat one of his eyes just because it looked so tasty. Tying up Kyle, the two infecteds start to promise that they’ll fatten him up before eating him, and eventually Kyle is able to influence both of the people to fight each other, stating each of them want his eyes for themselves.

While he’s there, though, he learns that there’s a blood tree the infected eat from to stop from dying from the virus. It prolongs the infection, even though they also eat the tainted honey. This clears up some of that confusion from last episode: the infected are surviving outside of the walls because of this tree, and to cure the virus, the team will have to find it.

But it’s important they find it fast, because Kyle infects himself with the honey to stop the infected from eating him. Morally, they find it repulsive to eat infected meat; that’s not true, actually, because they just don’t like the taste. So Helix gives Kyle two days to find a cure before he dies from the virus.

It prompts an interesting problem for next episode – Alan, Peter, Julia, and Balleseros will have to stall on the island trying to find the cure instead of moving on to someplace else. “Ectogenesis” also leaves Sarah’s baby in a cliffhanger, because Amy threatens to kill it now that Landry’s been harmed. Helix has gotten back on the crazy train, and it looks like these last few episodes will be a rush to the finish line. How it works in the future plotline is most important, though.

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