DEADtime TV – Resurrection – Aftermath


Resurrection took a little break during the holiday season, and so did I, because I didn’t realize there was an episode that I had missed for DEADtime TV. That one, “Aftermath,” deals with the loss of Pastor Tom after he’s hit by a car driven by one of the members of the group who want the returned to just go back where they came from. Pastor Tom, of course, was a big fighter for the returned, since his old girlfriend came back twice carrying his baby.

For the most part, “Aftermath” doesn’t do too much for Resurrection that hasn’t been seen before. People grieve over Tom’s loss; Bellamy gets sick again, because he doesn’t have enough of that fancy serum the government has given him. Rachael disappears in her angst, especially because Janine is a whacko obsessing over the baby. Bellamy and Maggie set out to try to find Rachael, more because they need the stem cells from her umbilical cord than because they actually want to find her, but unfortunately it’s kind of a lost cause.


It’s tough to review Resurrection without bias, which is one reason why I’m glad it’s coming to an end after this season (most likely – it’s doing terrible in the ratings, so I’m pretty sure it’ll get canned). Every week I find myself slingshotting between being intrigued about where the show is going and pissed that it takes so long to get there. “Aftermath” and “Prophecy” are perfect examples, the former being the boring episode and the latter being the one that tries to get things started.

At the end of “Aftermath,” Margaret and Jacob decide that they’d rather disappear than stay and cause Henry and Lucille any more problems, which leads to the main dilemma in “Prophecy.” I guess Margaret in her infinite wisdom thinks it’s better for Henry and Lucille not to know what happens to their son; shockingly, though, they flip out and have Fred and his cops on full alert. It’s all during a storm, too, so it’s pretty nasty all around.


These opening moments are good, interesting even; there’s a new character introduced, Pastor James, who gets struck by lightning that leaves a huge tree scar on his back. As the episode goes on, Margaret explains what happened with the Langstons when she was younger, why she is the way she is; it’s all for protection, she claims, and although she lets down her hair a little bit, it’s hard to believe much of anything she says, even when it is prefaced by a terrible story from her childhood.

Other than that, “Prophecy” has little else to offer besides more questions. Why is Pastor James suddenly showing up? What will happen to the town now that there’s kind of a war going on? How does Bellamy expect to raise little Jenny? These are questions that will probably go unanswered, to the detriment of Resurrection. But at least “Prophecy” tries to make something happen, and that’s the least I can ask for from a show that generally has little happening.

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