DEADtime TV: Resurrection ‘Steal Away’

“Steal Away” is about the returned figuring out themselves now that they’ve come back from the dead. Before the episode, there was no real consequence to dying and coming back; anybody could do it, especially given a guide like Preacher James, and besides a couple of people not liking you very much, things are good. Take Henry, for example, who comes back from the dead not two days later very much fresh and alive. It would seem that death is not the end in Arcadia, and that’s kind of an awesome thing.

But in “Steal Away”, the returned kind of lose their free will, at least for a moment. An early morning trip to Twain’s is in store for everyone who came back from the dead, and all of them stand outside staring up at Rachael’s window. She wakes up at the same time, not to head to Twain’s (where she’s already staying), but because of labor pains. Her child is going to be born soon, and it would appear that that’s the reason all the returned unconsciously make the journey.



It’s Preacher James who is sure of this, and despite his really hospitable demeanor towards just about everyone, he has ulterior motives. Resurrection has been a lot more interesting since they introduced James, a character whose interest in the returned, and his religious beliefs, is very mysterious; “Steal Away” doesn’t answer much more, but he seems to know more than most about their plight, and now that he knows it is possible to make a returned disappear – for good? – he’s interested in doing it to Rachael.

For whatever reason, he believes Rachael’s baby is evil, maybe not just to the returned but to humanity in general. Is this the birth of the antichrist, or is it just a kid who could usher in a big problem for the returned? No one really knows, and I don’t think James does either; what Resurrection is hinting at, though it’s not explicitly saying it, is that James might be simply deluded. Just because he believes that Rachael’s baby is evil doesn’t translate into factual knowledge of it.


Whatever the case, “Steal Away” makes a pretty big move for the penultimate episode. For one, James breaks out the entire population of returned at the government facility by killing them all and then bringing them back again. That means Margaret is out as well, and she’s willing to help James disappear Rachael. The reason for her involvement isn’t clear. She’s not a really nice person in general, and she’s mad at Henry, but other than that Resurrection hasn’t offered a clear motive besides being forced to help James. Still, now that she’s out of the facility, there’s no reason she has to keep her word.

Still, “Steal Away” is yet another episode in Resurrection’s final few that hint at the show doing something more with its central idea. There’s also a new twist coming, that millions of returned will show up not just in Arcadia, but in the rest of the world as well. That could create a huge problem for Arcadia, but for Resurrection as well – how does the show handle something on a much larger scope? But the bigger question is: will this season finale create more questions the show, likely to be canceled, won’t answer?

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