DEADtime TV: The Following ‘New Blood’ Season 3 Premiere


After nearly a year of waiting, the season premiere for the Kevin Williamson created series ‘The Following’ has finally arrived and being a huge fan of the show myself I’m pleased to continue coverage for another season of it here at DEADtime. The season three premiere of ‘The Following’ is titled ‘New Blood’ and it begins with the wedding of Agent Mendez. During the wedding, Ryan Hardy makes a speech about the importance of keeping those important to you close when he is suddenly interrupted by a waiter who throws blood all over him and the two brides, claiming Ryan was responsible for murdering his daughter the year before.

The season premiere focuses both on creating a new chapter of the series, while also wrapping up some of the loose ends from the previous season. The producers have stated that this season will be the second chapter of the series, with the Joe Carroll ordeal serving as the first chapter. This season picks up a year after the events in season two, with Joe Carroll behind bars, now on Death Row and set to be executed in just a month. After both his Mother and twin brother were killed by the FBI team, Mark is still on the loose and is now looking for revenge, and when a number of murders occur and the bodies are placed in familiar scenarios representing his family’s deaths and quotes about the Hardy’s being liars are also present at the crime scenes, it becomes quite clear that Mark is involved in this new string of murders to some degree, possibly even having gathered his own followers by now to assist. Naturally the FBI power trio of Ryan, Mike and Max are on the case and pieces begin to fit together as they try to track down Mark and his new murderous friends before any more innocent people are killed. Fans can also rest assured that while it may not show it until near the end of the episode, it is indeed revealed who was in the car that picked up Mark at the end of last season, although don’t go expecting anything mind blowing or revolutionary.

This was a very solid Season Premiere for ‘The Following’ and it’s great to see that while Kevin Williamson may not be at the helm of the show anymore (having passed along the torch to take on show running duties for his latest series ‘Stalker) it’s obviously in very capable hands. While I know many are absolutely furious about this new chapter and the fact that it’s more or less removing Joe Carroll as a key part of the equation, I for one think it’s a smart move and if anything will only ensure that this great series doesn’t fall into a tired and repeating pattern, instead actually having the balls to go another route and keep the series fresh, which I think was very much the smart choice and the better move for the series as a whole. I hope the fellow fans out there enjoyed the season premiere as much as I did and hopefully not too many stop watching because of this new chapter and storyline. I would also be very surprised if Joe Carroll wasn’t still around to a degree, he was still listed in the main cast credits last night after all for those who may not have noticed.
‘The Following’ is currently airing its Third Season Monday’s at 9:PM on FOX.

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