DEADtime TV: The Walking Dead ‘What Happened and What’s Going On’


I’m becoming annoyed with The Walking Dead. There, I said it. I have long defended the show, because between the nonsensical filler eps, is usually some pretty compelling TV. I feel as if they’ve fallen into a rut. A rut that creates a pattern, and a pattern that season after season, the show cannot break free from. It’s like, regardless of the situation, the can only tell its story in one way. I have really enjoyed the recreations from the comics in this season, and the latter half of the last, but it’s just not enough anymore. Sure, who will die and when still remains a mystery, but the way it’s going to happen, and the speed of which it happens remains the same. Today, we lost another character from the comics, who I feel they totally wasted on the show. Spoilers are going to follow, so if you’re not up to date, you may wanna look elsewhere.

We lost Beth, almost randomly, during the mid-season finale. I was surprised to see people angry about her demise on social networking sites, because honestly, what did she offer? I guess I was in the minority that don’t really give a shit one way or another if Beth lived, died or joined a traveling Elvis impersonation cult. I didn’t think that they would kill another major character so quickly, though. And again, for almost no reason beyond shock value. And the sad thing is, it wasn’t even shocking. Nicotero directed the episode, which means somebody was going to day. And since the focus of the episode was pretty much on Tyreese, and how horrible he feels for pussying out, and basically getting all of his friends killed, it was obvious what would come next. And then it did, but for a little extra nonsense, while he’s succumbing to his injuries, he’s seeing recently deceased characters, kinda like prior trip-out segments.

Beyond Tyreese’s death, nothing else really happens worth mentioning. For whatever reason, the group has decided to take Noah to his home, where he thinks that it will miraculously still be standing, with all of his family members waiting with open arms. This being The Walking Dead, the reality is the town has been raided, the houses burned down, and everybody has been killed in one way or another. Some emotions are shown, characters that were once silent badasses are now nagging whiners, and our group once again finds itself with nothing to do, and nowhere to go-ho. I want to be sedated. No really, I do. We’ve established that Eugene was lying about Washington, but for whatever reason, that’s our old/new/new/old endgame. Anyway, Tyreese is gone, and the group is headed to D.C. for who knows what. Let’s hope that the second episode of the second half of this season is a lot more exciting, because so far, we’re off to a rocky start.

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