DUDE BRO PARTY MASSACRE III – Trailer and Release Details


Get your cupcakes and your kegs ready! I’m not entirely familiar with the Dude Bro Party Massacre series. It’s part of a trend of neo-comedy-slasher films that play of the best and worst tropes of ye old slash fests of the 1980’s Some of these fall completely flat and others can be nearly as fun as Student Bodies if you suspend your judgement at the production value. They certainly make for excellent trailers.

Dude Bro Party Massacre III has a funny trailer that is worth checking out for some funny moments. Hopefully it takes you back. Every so often one of these really shines. Alpha Girls and Don’t Go to the Reunion come to mind.

The movie will release later this summer after premiering at the 2015 LA Film Festival. Stay tuned: http://www.dudebropartymassacre3.com/

Directors: Michael Rousselet, Tomm Jacobsen, Jon Salmon
Writers: Alec Owen, Jon Salmon, Michael E. Peter, Ben Gigli, Tim Ciancio, Michael Rousselet, Tomm Jacobsen, Mike James, Joey Scoma, Brian Firenzi
Cast: Alec Owen, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Paul Prado, Kelsey Gunn, Joey Scoma, Mike James, Andrew W.K., Greg Sestero, Jimmy Wong, Brian Firenzi, Maria Del Carmen, Patton Oswalt
Producers: Michael E. Peter, Sarah Farrand, Ben Gigli, Dave Gare, Jon Worley
Runtime: 103 min
Twitter: https://twitter.com/5sf

Synopsis: A satirical twist on the gory and sexually charged 1980’s slasher genre, Dude Bro Party Massacre III is presented as the only surviving VHS copy of the reviled horror franchise’s third, and final, installment. In the wake of two back-to-back mass murders on Chico’s frat row, loner Brent Chirino must infiltrate the ranks of a popular fraternity to investigate his twin brother’s murder at the hands of the serial killer known as Motherface.As they are picked off one by one, Brent and his fellow Dude Bros must face the terrifying reality that their deadly foe, believed to have been killed (twice!), has returned from the grave (again!), and is hell-bent on the destruction of the Delta Bis.



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