Artist Matt Gondek has released his first book entitled, “Struggles 3D.”11211546_10155817343495206_391755664_o

It showcases 20 pages of some classic and some newer pop/cartoon icons captured delivering a knockout blow to their opponent, resulting in flying face bits. Did I mention that all of this is done in classic red and blue 3-D???

Ever wanted to see Mickey Mouse obliterate the jive talkin’ Bugs Bunny?

How about Hank Hill in a drunken brawl with Bob Belcher? 11221145_10155817343540206_440050403_o

Ever imagined Alf face-smashing Slimer?

If you answered yes to any of the preceding questions, then go get this killer book here, put your 3-D glasses on and enjoy awesome in the 3rd dimension!

Published by Matt Gondek and Valley Cruise Press

Extremely limited quantity of only 10011229614_10155817343485206_1230682834_o

$12.00 + shipping (3-D glasses included).*

*You can spend your money on something less cool later.


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