FANGORIA #342: Contents





RETROSPECTIVE: “SATAN’S CHILDREN,” PART ONE Devilish cultists and other deviants run wild in this bizarre ’70s outing.

PREVIEW: “L.A. SLASHER” We’re all sick of reality-TV stars, but one guy actually does something about them.

PREVIEW: “INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3” The prequel takes franchise mainstay Lin Shaye on Further frightful adventures in the past.

INTERVIEW: OLIVER ROBINS As a young actor, he faced childhood terrors come to life in the original “Poltergeist.”

ON SET: “WE ARE STILL HERE” Writer/director Ted Geoghegan introduces you to ghosts that are burning for living souls.

PREVIEW: “THE NIGHTMARE” The real-life terrors of sleep paralysis are explored and recreated by Rodney (“Room Read the Sexy

From:: FANGORIA #342: Contents

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