Full Moon Enters the Wax Market with Bad Channels, More to Come

unnamedCharles Band never misses a beat. He knows how to get in on the trends that will bring in some extra dough for his beloved label Full Moon. You know when those Wizard Video covers magically appeared from the warehouse, I wasn’t entirely thrilled feeling like we were all being bamboozled. When Tourist Trap hit on Blu-ray and it was missing five minutes on Blu-ray… my heart sank. Watching one of my favorite horror films butchered make my tummy heart via my balls. Still, Delirium has been a pleasant surprise with a solid, colorfilled horror mag with plenty of booby stills. From toys to the new DVD variant covers of classic Full Moon titles, we might as well be hunting for the Schwartz having encountered Yogurt on a desolate sand planet (merchandising!).
Now Band and Full Moon are getting in on the vinyl trend, releasing Bad Channels on a double LP release (one black, one blue). This is a welcome occurrence especially with the nod to some of other future soundtrack releases coming our way. I’ll be picking up this release and filling you in as soon as I give it a listen to see if we’re getting “good Full Moon” or “bad Full Moon”.  180 gram vinyl, kind of hard to fuck up but if the original source material is for shit, we might be asking if Band has anymore tricks up his warehouse.
Full release from Full Moon
For the ultimate vinyl collector, Full Moon Records proudly presents the soundtrack to our classic 1992 film BAD CHANNELS. The soundtrack features memorable tracks including  “Manic Depresso,” “Jane Jane (The Hurricane),” and “Demon’s Kiss” by the legendary Blue Oyster Cult (who are best known for “Don’t Fear The Reaper” and “Godzilla”)This double LP set comes in a gatefold jacket that showcases the original film poster, plus beautiful reprinted stills from the film. This limited edition 12′ vinyl is a very-low first print run, so act fast.



 Original score by Blue Oyster Cult – which includes “Bad Channels Overture,” “Power Station,” “This Dude is F**ked,” and many more. Other artists included in the soundtrack are; Joker, Fair Game, Sykotik Sinfoney, DMT, and The Ukelaliens.


 Stay tuned for more soundtracks released on vinyl from Full Moon Records, including Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, Tourist Trap, Creepozoids, and more.

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