Funko Reveal BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA ReAction Figures!


Funko, stop it already. I can’t take it…

See, folks, Funko is essentially becoming a thief. Every new announcement for their ReAction line or Pop! Vinyl line makes me dread how empty my wallet will be after the initial releases. Now, I have an entire checklist regarding what figures I want, but tonight, I will just focus on one major release that everyone was hoping but never truly expected. Tonight, we head to Little China with Jack Burton.

Yup. Check those babies out! Not only are we getting a Kenner sized Jack Burton to beat up on Lo Pang, but we’re also getting Pop! Vinyls! How awesome is this? Now, obviously the Pop Vinyls are amazing, but let’s take a closer look at the ReActions:

My gosh, I can’t take this anymore. I seriously can’t. The sculpts for each and every one of these little fellas are just so great. They’re a nice throwback to the old Star Wars figures we all grew up on. And it leads me to believe that had we actually gotten the figures for this movie, this is what they would’ve turned out to be. The accessories, the clothing, the details, the capes, the facial sculpts, everything about these figures are completely flawlwess. Now, of course while I say the facial sculpts are flawless, please remember being 3 3/4, the facial sculpts will be flawless as they can get. So don’t expect a NECA Lance Henriksen or Patrick Bateman but expect a great new collectible to put on your shelf. And for autograph seekers, Lo Pan himself, James Hong appears at conventions from time to time, so what better collectible to get him on?

Funko continues to announce new licenses and new products almost on a weekly basis which continue to please and impress fans . But for fans of this John Carpenter classic, this is a big deal and may be the most impressive yet. So when both sets are released in February, head to Toys R Us, WalMart, FYE or whatever is near you. Be grateful, because you won’t have to travel all the way to Little China to find them…

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