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It’s almost the 4th of July here in the US of A, and in keeping with all things patriotic, this week’s spotlight book is as American as vampire comics come. American Vampire was my (and a lot of other comic readers) first introduction to Scott Snyder. Since the first issue of AV, I’ve picked up every single comic he’s written, including a Detective Comics run he did with artist Jock, which I’d argue with anybody is the best Detective run in decades. Probably since the Engelhart/Rogers run in the 80’s. Joining Snyder on the book is artist and co-creator Rafael Albuquerque. He’s got a jagged, kinetic style that perfectly suits the fast paced, ultraviolent tone.




American Vampire follows the first of an all new breed of vampire, born in the midwest in the late 19th century, named Skinner Sweet. We get to see him throughout the decades, going through portions of American History, with a rotating cast of backup characters for him to interact with. The book’s only other real main character is Pearl, a struggling actress who Skinner saved from a group of Victorian vampires in the 1920’s. She too became one of the new breed, when she drank Skinner’s blood. The two of them have a love/hate relationship that has spanned decades. The first volume of the comic came to a close a couple years ago, and can be found collected in trade paperback format. Volume 2 (or the “Second Cycle”) is still relatively new, and the first issues shouldn’t be that hard to track down. Issue #8 is in stores this week.


Synopsis from the DC Vertigo website:


With Skinner and Calvin leading the space race, back on Earth it’s time to face the most guarded stronghold in the country: Area 51! Felicia and Pearl go behind the fence to expose the nation’s extraterrestrial secrets. What do they encounter floating in the test tubes? Find out here!


Other notables this week include new issues of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast, Puppet Master, and Zombies vs Robots.


Also out this Week:

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