Hack Issues: Free Comic Book Day 2015


So it’s the first Saturday in May, and for comic book fans, it’s a magical day known as Free Comic Book Day. Every year, participating comic shops all over the country have comic books from every major comic book publisher, as well as some indies, totally free of charge. All you have to do is show up and get your free comics. Obviously as to how many different comics per person are allowed, and which books are available, your mileage may vary as it’s up to your store to make it’s own rules about such.


So to go along with this week’s Hack Issues, I thought I’d do a separate post about FCBD, and give a little look at the books I’m most excited about. While Hack Issues normally focuses on the horror titles, this post is going to include some books that don’t fit that specific genre, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good reads, and I’m willing to bet some of them will appeal to even the biggest horror geeks among us.




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You can check out Previews for the comics below, and plenty more at the official Free Comic Book Day website, and while you’re there go ahead and make yourself a list of what you’re going to be looking out for. If you’re unsure about where the comic book shop closest to you is, visit the link for the Comic Shop Locator Service, also conveniently found on their website.


One last thing before we get to the comics… Free Comic Book Day is a celebration of the wonderful medium of comic books. It’s also a big deal to the mom and pop comic book stores, most of whom see an influx of new customers, some of whom have never been inside the store before. If at all possible, don’t just run in and grab free shit and bounce. Take a few minutes to look around, many shops have $1 bins (or possibly cheaper!) full of comic books, racks of toys, statues, t-shirts, gaming stuff, and so much more. Help out by maybe spending a couple of bucks. The store will thank you, and as you’ll be doing a small part to ensure the continuation of a hobby that’s near and dear to my shriveled, black heart, I’ll thank you as well. Happy Free Comic Book Day!

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