Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 6/17/15


A tough week to pick a spotlight this time. I try and point out relatively new stuff when writing up Hack Issues posts, to at least give an opportunity for readers to jump on at the beginning of a series, or at least maybe only be a trade or so behind if they decide to check out something new. Most of the good books out this week are fairly into their respective runs, and would require some pretty extensive back reading to catch up, or are books that I’ve highlighted recently already.




The problem is, this week’s newest books are Ghostbusters Get Real and Plants vs Zombies: Bully for You, and I’m not reading either of those, nor do I know much about them. From what I gather, it looks like Ghostbusters will see the movie characters we all know and love meet up with the characters from the “Real” Ghostbusters animated series. I guess that could be fun if you are a big fan of both. I’m not, just the movie for me. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is also a lot of fun, in video game form. I actually like the game way more than I would’ve thought and had it not been free I never would’ve tried it. Still, I don’t want to read a comic about it even if Paul Tobin (Gunsuits) is writing it.. Hack Issues isn’t all about me though, and I’m sure for fans of the material these will be good reads.


Synopsis for Ghostbusters from IDW:


When a confrontation with the elder God Proteus goes awry, Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon will meet… THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS!




Synopsis for Plants vs Zombies from Dark Horse:


Dr. Zomboss’s crime-filled college years are revealed! Nate, Patrice, and Crazy Dave investigate a strange college campus to keep the streets safe from zombies. Paul Tobin and Ron Chan join forces with the mysterious Anti-Bully Squad to deliver a hilarious romp to your school! Featuring two bonus stories illustrated by Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Li’l Gotham, Descender)!


As for me, I’ll be digging into new issues of Steve Niles’ The October Faction, Archie vs Predator, George Romero’s Empire of the Dead, and The Strain, all of which you can read about in past Hack Issues articles if you like. They all come highly recommended, and you can catch up on what you may have missed relatively inexpensively either at Midtowncomics or  In Stock Trades.


Also out This Week:

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