Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 6/24/15


A rare occurrence this week, as while browsing the new releases I came across an Evil Dead comic shipping that I’d somehow missed. I’m fairly thorough when the new Previews comes in, and a new Evil Dead comic I would have for sure signed up for. I know Dynamite still has the license for Army of Darkness comics, so I just assumed that included Evil Dead. Apparently I was mistaken. An indie company called Space Goat Productions, whom I’m not familiar with at all is publishing a 3 issue mini-series titled Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn, and claims to be a direct sequel to ED2, taking place before (during?) the events of Army of Darkness.




Not sure exactly what to think of this one, and the creative team isn’t one that immediately puts any doubts to rest based on name recognition. Writer Frank Hannah I’m vaguely familiar with, from some bit work for DC, but artist Barnaby Beganda I’ve never heard of. I’m hoping for a fun comic done in the vein of the source material though, as Evil Dead 2 is my favorite in the franchise. Guess I’ll be finding out when everyone else is, provided it didn’t sell out at the distributor before I can grab a copy.









Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead by Dawn picks up right where Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell’s movie left off! “Dead” Annie Knowby get plunged into Hell. Armed with the Kandarian Dagger and the Ex-Mortis, Annie fights off hordes of Deadites (and Ash’s severed hand!) in her quest to save her parents’ souls. But will the book and the dagger be enough? Certified Groovy!


As for books I am familiar with, this week’s other highlights include the second issues of both Sons of the Devil and Fight Club 2, new Hellbreak, Suiciders, and Walking Dead, as well as a new issue of Grindhouse.


Also out this Week:

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