Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 7/22/15


This week, SyFy premieres the third movie in the Sharknado franchise. Love them or hate them (I love them), millions of people tune in and there’s no denying they’ve had an impact on popular culture. If nothing else, they’ve opened up a Pandora’s Box of creative opportunities for future creature/meteorological mash-ups. BearCano anyone? SquidAlanche? FlyPhoon? Ahem, anyway. Further proof that Sharknado is a thing, and that Archie comics are all of a sudden after everybody’s money, this week sees the release of a one-shot titled Archie vs Sharknado. The book is co-written by Sharknado series director Anthony C. Ferrante, and features art by Archie alum Dan Parent, who also co-writes. Personally, I’m not expecting this to blow me away, but I do think it’s going to be a good time.




Solicit from Archie Comics website:


it’s that time of year in Riverdale! The end of the school year. Time for beaches, barbecues, fun in the sun and… SHARKNADOS!?! That’s right, get ready as Archie and the gang brave the storm of a tornado full a sharks that riffs off the pop culture phenomenon known as Sharknado!The story unfolds as sharknados are spotted on the ‘Feast’ Coast! Our heroines have to figure out how to get back to Riverdale, where the storm is about to hit next. Soon Archie and the gang go, go, go as they battle the Sharknado-ravaged Riverdale! Who will live? Who will die? Will this take a BITE out of the end-of-the-year prom? Uh…. probably! The comic book action is also concurrent with the plot of SHARKNADO 3 and hits stands right before the film’s premiere in July on Syfy. Written by the SHARKNADO trilogy director Anthony C. Ferrante with Dan Parent


One other book I wanted to highlight this week is a new series from Image Comics, titled Wolf. Seriously, they are KILLING it over there right now. This one comes from another personal favorite writer of mine, Ales Kot. He’s a younger guy who became popular after his graphic novel Wild Children came out. I initially missed that, but signed up for his second project for Image, titled Change, and I’ve read everything he’s done since. My current favorite by him is another Image title, Zero, which is set in the not too distant future and follows a genetically enhanced super-spy named Edward Zero. Kot also currently writes for Marvel Comics, in Secret Avengers, Iron Patriot, and The Winter Soldier. He’s not stricly a horror writer which is why I’ve not talked about him as of yet, but it looks like this one may at least have some horror/supernatural elements to it.




Joining Ales on Wolf is artist Matt Taylor. I’ve seen lots of design work, and some cover art from him, but if he’s done any actual interior comic art, I can’t recall having seen it. Still, his stuff is amazing, particularly his movie prints, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do in a monthly. I haven’t gone into much detail about they plot of the comic because I’ve not read it yet, so i’ll let the solicit do the talking there…


Solicit form Image Comics website:


Bestselling new star writer ALES KOT teams up with white-hot artist MATT TAYLOR andDEADLY CLASS colorist extraordinaire LEE LOUGHRIDGE for an all-new ONGOING SERIES!

The crime noir thrills and characters reminiscent of True Detective meet with mythical stakes worthy of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in this original fantasy/horror/crime saga for mature readers. Antoine Wolfe, a hard-boiled paranormal detective with a death wish, has to cope with sudden responsibility for an orphaned teenage girl who might be the key to the impending apocalypse, California-style. The road to hell and back begins in a MAX-SIZED FIRST ISSUE, with fifty-eight pages of story and no ads!


This week’s other highlights are plentiful, and include the finale to the first Frankenstein Underground in issue five, Fly Outbreak comes to it’s conclusion, the second issue of Steve Niles’ Disciples is out,  Archie vs Predator ends with issue four, Jeff Zornow fans (looking at YOU, Doc Terror) take note a new ‘68 series is out and claims to be the last one, tieing the entire series together, and the first one-shot spinning out of the more adult oriented new DC Justice League animated movie Gods and Monsters hits and features that flick’s version of Batman. I posted links to the prequel short films a while back on the HorrorSexy Facebook page, so check those out if you haven’t. This ain’t going to be your grandpa’s Justice League.


Also out this Week:

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