Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 7/29/15


Light week this time around, kiddies. When I browse the websites for new comics every week, I try and pick the ones that I know are good to spotlight. Thing is, I don’t read every comic that’s out there, although I wish I could. So when you see me include things like Vamplets: Nightmare Nursery, but never spotlight them, it’s because I personally don’t read it, but I can see where there may be entertainment value there for people who are into vampires but enjoy the lighter side of comics. We’ve all got our own separate interests and taste in entertainment. As long as we’re all reading comics, who cares who reads what, right?


The flipside of that is, on these lighter weeks, when there’s nothing new to talk about, I have to rehash comics I’ve already spotlighted. In the interest in saving everybody some time, and to keep from boring you with the exact same spiel as last time, this will probably be the briefest Hack Issues so far. This week’s spotlight is issue #4 of the excellent new Sabrina comic. I’ll point you to this older Hack Issues post if you’re unfamiliar with the book. Trust me, you need this in your life.


Solicit from the Archie website:


Hell hath no fury… It’s Sabrina in the underworld as she and her companions risk everything – including their immortal souls – to rescue Harvey’s consciousness, trapped in the Dark Pit. Meanwhile, with Greendale’s most powerful witch missing in action, Madame Satan launches an attack on the Spellman household, but Hilda and Zelda are not helpless, and then of course there’s Cousin Ambrose to contend with…


To be honest the only two other notables this week for me are Escape From New York #8 and Grindhouse Drive In Bleed Out #7. That said, if there’s anything good out that I’m missing, or if you read one of the other books on the list below and think it deserves more love, feel free to comment.


Also Out This Week:


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