Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 8/12/15


Not unlike the zombie virus that has spread throughout the world in this week’s spotlight comic, your old pal Mister Bones has come down with the plague. I blame it on my seven year old. Not even a life-threatening disease can stop me from bringing you this week’s horror comics though. On to the funny books.


As stated, this week’s spotlight is a zombie book. THE zombie book if you ask most of the world right now. After the end of that last issue, I’m inclined to agree. As per the usual formula for Robert Kirkman’s zombie phenom, The Walking Dead, months have passed with plenty of build-up and not a lot of stuff happening, and then just when you think you’re reading yet another issue of dialog and not much else….BAM, that last page hits you in the stomach like a sledge hammer. Or at least that’s how it happens to me. Issue #144 was one of those issues, and I’ve been dying for #145 since. This week, it’s finally here.


Solicit from Image website:


Blood for blood.


Also out this Week:

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