Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 8/19/15


I survived the plague! It was touch and go for a day or two there, but somehow I managed to pull through. This week, I’m all ready to get back to it, bringing you the best horror comic releases on the racks this wednesday. The list is fair in size, but not full of “holy shit” comics. Solid overall, but a bit lacking in the wow department, save for two, this week’s spotlight comics.


I’m not sure how many of you, if anybody, took my advice and checked out Ales Kot’s new series Wolf, when I spotlighted it a few weeks ago. If you didn’t, shame on you and hopefully they’re still available, as you missed out on a great first issue. Wolf looks like it’s going to follow along in the footsteps of other supernatural/magical series such as Hellblazer, wherein we have a main character (in this case Antoine Wolfe) who deals with threats both normal and abnormal in nature when it comes to characters who are anything but ordinary. This is going to be a noir supernatural thriller, and with Ales’ signature approach to story telling, that’s definitely something to be excited about. Issue #1 was outstanding, and I have a feeling that this one ends up being my favorite thing from the writer to date. Don’t sleep on this one.


The solicit for Wolf #2 is short and sweet:


History comes alive. The investigation thickens.




Also out this week, Dark Horse offers up the finale to it’s three volume comics adaptation of Chuck Hogan and Guillermo Del Toro’s vampire trilogy, The Strain. The comics (from writer David Lapham and artist Mike Huddleston) have been as accurate and true to the source material as comics adaptations get. Read that as “If you’re too lazy to read the novels, you get a great version of the story here”. As a fan of the series, I totally recommend you checking out the novels of course, especially if you’re a fan of the comic or show, as the details really add a lot to the story.


The solicit for the final issue of The Strain:


Dr. Ephraim Goodweather versus The Master….the final showdown!


Other notables this week include issue #3 of Steve Niles’ newest Disciples, a new issue of Cullen Bunn’s action/horror comic Hellbreak, and new George Romero’s Empire of the Dead.


Also out this Week:

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