Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 8/5/15


We have yet another light horror comic release week this time around, and unfortunately as with last week there’s really nothing new to talk about. That doesn’t mean there isn’t quality reading material for you to spend your comic allowance on, though. This week, I’m going to spotlight a comic that fits into a category that has always been synonymous with our beloved horror genre, and like horror, is a category that is most likely near and dear to all of our hearts, the anthology.


A couple of years ago, Dark Horse Comics answered one of my long-thought hopeless prayers and resurrected Creepy Comics. The original Creepy was a magazine sized comic book published by Warren in the 1960’s. Each issue was a collection of stories, anthology style, in black and white and featured everything from vampires and werewolves to zombies, mutants, and mummies. In true Tales from the Crypt fashion, Creepy also had a narrator that spoke directly to the audience at the beginning and end of each tale, named Uncle Creepy. The series also featured a ton of amazing painted Frank Frazetta covers.


Over the years I’ve gone back and actually put together a pretty decent sized collection of Creepy issues, but I never thought I’d like to see the day when new ones were being published. The current issues aren’t magazine sized unfortunately, only regular comic sized, but the tone and feel is still there. Every issue features three or four (depending on length) brand new black and white horror tales from some of the biggest names in comics these days, followed by a reprint of a classic tale from Uncle Creepy’s vault. To be honest, every story isn’t a winner but there’s always at least one solid story plus the classic to justify the purchase for me. This week’s issue #21 features a story by Jeff Parker, one of the most talented superhero writers to come along in recent years, and I can’t wait to check out his Creepy tale.


Solicit from the Dark Horse Comics website:


Hot summer nights make for the very best frights, right here in good ol’ Creepy Comics! Featuring spooky sequential storytelling from such graphic greats as Jeff Parker, Vera Greentea, and Sandy Jarrell – plus another Creepy classic from the vile vault! You’ll be sweating with sickening satisfaction!


This week’s other highlights include new Outcast, Zombies vs Robots, Baltimore, and American Vampire.


Also out this Week:

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