Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 9/16/15


This will be another short and sweet, and most likely light on the wallet, Hack Issues post kids. Light on the wallet because it’s a pretty slow week for horror comics, and short and sweet because if I have to actually sell you on this week’s spotlight comic at all, do me a favor and never, under any circumstance whatsoever, attempt to speak to me or have any contact with me in any way. Thanks.


So we all get really excited when a new season of The Simpsons starts, right? Even if you don’t care for the show anymore, there’s a pretty big reason to get excited when a new season starts. We all know that only a couple of episodes in, we’re getting a new Treehouse of Horror! Maybe it’s just me, but the Treehouse of Horror episodes are the new “Great Pumpkin”, since things as awesome as that rarely get made anymore, no offense to Toy Story of Terror, which I quite liked. What you may not know, though, is that Bongo Comics also puts out a yearly Treehouse of Horror comic book, and it’s all original stories, done in the tone of it’s tv counterpart. Spoofs of modernish horror films, with Simpsons characters and that signature Springfield charm. Last year’s “The Walking Ned”, which of course pitted one of my absolute favorite characters Ned Flanders against the zombified residents of Springfield was a standout for me.


This year’s solicit reads:


Ned Flanders believes he has missed ‘The Rapture’ until he discovers that everyone who has been left behind is left-handed! Then, Apu accidentally receives a shipment of adorable gremlins intended for the sorcery shop a few doors down the block; unfortunately, he doesn’t read the warning that tells him not to feed them Squishees after midnight. And visit the ‘metropolitan’ world of Fritz Lang (Simpsons-style), when the idle rich championed by Mr. Burns clash with the working poor led by Marge Simpson.


The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror ships yearly and has a cover price of $4.99


Also out this Week:

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