Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 9/23/15


Another light one this week kids, so maybe splurge on that copy of Until Dawn you’ve had your eyes on, or preorder that bluray box set that you thought you could’t afford. In the immortal words of Mr. Tom Haverford, treat ya self. You’ve still got some comics to buy this week though, fear not.


It’s been a long ride, which probably could’ve been done in half the time in all honesty, but George A. Romero’s latest zombie epic is coming to a close. I can absolutely understand if some of you saw the name Romero credited as the writer for Empire of the Dead and approached the book with all kinds of skepticism and caution. Personally, I didn’t seem to hate Survival as much as a lot of people did, but trust me, I understand. That said, Empire was actually a really fun read, and I’d be pretty damn psyched if Mr. Romero ended up turning it into his next zombie masterpiece. Zombies vs Vampires! What’s not to love?


This week, the fifth and final issue of the third and final act ships, which brings the total for the series to 15 issues. Again, I think 8 would probably have been the perfect amount for the story, but what do I know? Nobody’s paying me to write zombie comics. The first two volumes, or “acts”, of the series are already available in trade paperback and hardback, with the third soon to follow this last issue. I definitely recommend picking them up if you’re a Romero fan, as this story is filled with that signature Romero flavor. They’re also worth giving a shot even if you aren’t a fan though, just for solid scripting and the gorgeous art.


The solicit for Empire of the Dead Act Three #5 reads:




The moment everyone’s been waiting for! All out ZOMBIE VERSUS VAMPIRE WARFARE!


A daring rescue mission to save the children at the vampire feeding farm!


Who will rule the EMPIRE OF THE DEAD?


Also out this Week:

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