Hack Issues: Horror Comic Releases For The Week Of 9/30/15


Finally, after some lackluster weeks of releases, we finally have some horror comics to throw some money at. Some good, some meh, but still. This close to our beloved Halloween season, we just need horror comics to read, moreso than any other time of year. Normally, there’s a bit of a boost of new horror comics, and/or at least creepy stories in regular comics, but so far this year it’s been a bit slow. Still, it’s early, so let’s not lose hope yet.


For this week’s spotlight, I almost went with the safe choice and picked American Vampire, and then I almost picked Godzilla in Hell, because that book has been just plain fun. When I look at the list though, there’s one book that stands out to me, and that’s Disciples. I hesitated to spotlight it only because Black Mask Comics tend to have small print runs, and the books almost always sell out. They do that because simply put, they put out a quality product, and they don’t overprint it. As of this writing, issues 2,3, and this week’s spotlight issue 4, are still available at Midtown and are well worth your money. Issue 1 you’re going to have to work for a bit, but again, totally worth it.


Disciples comes to us from horror masters Steve Niles and Chris Mitten. The story takes place in the future, where the ultra wealthy basically run the world. One such person has purchased one of Jupiter’s moon, where he’s set up a cult to worship him. A high ranking Senator’s daughter has recently left Earth to join, and the senator hires a group of bounty hunters to bring her back. Once they arrive on the moon though, they discover it appears to be deserted, and as they begin to look around it becomes more and more apparent something supernatural may be to blame.


So if you’ve played any of the Dead Space games from Visceral, or even read the Dead Space comics or seen the animated films, you get the idea here. Disciples feels a lot like a Dead Space kind of story, only done by Steve fucking Niles. I’m absolutely loving this book so far. The solicit for issue 4 reads:


Niles and Mitten crank up the horror they’re famous for in the brain-combusting conclusion toThe Disciples’ first story arc. Amid horrifying deaths and an even more horrifying birth, can our heroes escape the carnage on this haunted moon of Jupiter?


Disciples is a monthly-ish series with a cover price of $3.99 per issue.


Other notables this week are mostly mentioned above, American Vampire and Godzilla in Hell, but add to that list a new issue of Zombies vs Robots (finally), new Providence which probably uses a sense of dread better than any comic I can remember, and a new Colder series starts with Toss the Bones #1.


Also out this Week:

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