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You know that feeling that a movie geek gets when two of the biggest names in the business collaborate on a project? Well this week’s spotlight comic isn’t like that. You know that feeling a movie geek gets when two people he respects and admires more than anyone else on Earth in the field get together to work on a project, and it feels like they’re doing it only for that one movie geek? This week’s spotlight comics is EXACTLY like that for me. I’ve been excited for comics plenty of times, but I can tell you in all honesty that it’s been a good while since I’ve been so excited about a comic like I am for Broken Moon.


Broken Moon is a collaboration between Steve Niles and Nat Jones. If you’re a horror comic fan, and you didn’t immediately pop a nerd boner, then I don’t know exactly what is wrong with you, but you’re gonna need to get checked out, pronto. The two are literally masters of their respective crafts, Niles with the words and Jones with the artwork. They previously worked together on two other projects, GIant Monster, which was their comic book version of a atomic era kaiju b-horror masterpiece, and The Nail, a comic co-written by Rob Zombie about a wrestler known as The Nail whose tour bus runs afoul of a group of satanic bikers. Both of these books come with my absolute highest possible recommendation. Giant Monster can be purchased relatively cheap at the link above, or on Amazon. The Nail, however, is out of print, so somewhere like Ebay may end up being your cheapest option. It’s worth the trouble of tracking down a copy, trust me.





The story of Broken Moon begins with the world’s superpowers nearly eradicating the moon in nuclear war with each other. When the ensuing natural disasters drive mankind to near extinction, the monsters who have been long hidden in the shadows begin to emerge. Vampires rule the East, werewolves roam the West, and Frankenstein’s Monster has amassed an army of the re-animated dead in the North. The three fight for control, and a long standing treaty begins to get tested, as war looks increasingly inevitable.


Holy shit, you guys. Just holy shit. You can check out a preview of the first few pages here.


Solicit from American Gothic Press:


When explosions on the moon rock the surface of the Earth, humans are all but wiped out – allowing monsters of legend to rise and take control of civilization. Vampires, with their polluted cities and human factory-farming, have thus far come out on top – but if the werewolves have anything to say about it, the vampires’ reign won’t last for long…


Broken Moon is a four issue monthly mini-series, with a cover price of $3.99.


This week’s other notable releases aren’t nearly as important, but include a double dose of Robert Kirkman with new issues of The Walking Dead and Outcast, another fantastic issue of Harrow County, and an interesting looking new Mike Wolfer comic, titled Daughters of the Dark Oracle: Curse of Ragdoll.


Also Out this Week:

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