Hack Issues: Horror Comics For The Week Of 10/13/15


Now that we’re in full swing of the Halloween season, more and more the creepy stories are starting to hit the racks at the comic shop. Looking down the list this week, you might see something a little bit odd. A comic featuring a certain yellow spongy fellow, who might live in pineapple in the ocean. No, i didn’t have a stroke. I actually like the show, and the comic at times has been fairly entertaining, though I mostly stick to the holiday themed issues. Case in point, this week’s issue of Spongebob is a Halloween story, and the artwork looks sick. Not ashamed to say I’ll be grabbing it.


All that said, Spongebob actually isn’t the spotlight book this week. No, it’s a new Cullen Bunn series that’s got my nerd boner rising. There shouldn’t be anyone on Earth that I’d need to actually try and sell a new Bunn series on. From The Sixth Gun, to Wolf Moon, Hellbreak, and Harrow County, the guy has written so many quality books that we should all be salivating over a new one, not just me. The title of the new book is Blood Feud and it looks like this time Cullen’s going to be tackling vampires. The story is set in the south, and looks to be  more of a horror/comedy than his previous forays into horror comics. It will be interesting to see if he can successfully merge the two genres, when for me at least, so few creators are able to do so effectively. I have faith, though, that if it can be done, Cullen Bunn is the guy for the job. He’s comparing the tale to movies like Fright Night and Evil Dead 2, which tells me he’s going in the right direction.



The solicit for Blood Feud from the Oni website:


I‘ve got a story to tell-a story about how me and a couple of poker buddies squared off against the very legions of Hell… and maybe even saved the world. Like all good yarns, this one has its share of action, adventure, mystery, and romance. As for how it ends, though, you’ll have to judge for yourself. Me, I’ve always been partial to happy endings – the singing cowboy riding off into the sunset – but I reckon that just ain’t the way of the world. This story’s got vampires, too, loads of them, but not in the beginning. It began, for us at least, with spiders.


Blood Feud is a monthly series with a $3.99 cover price.


Other notable releases are plentiful, lots of excitement in the form of issue #2 of American Gothic Press’ Broken Moon from Steve Niles and Nat Jones, a new Goon series titled Theatre Bizarre, the above mentioned Cullen Bunn books Hellbreak and Harrow County both ship, and finally a new issue of Walking Dead.


I also added a couple of titles that I wasn’t familiar with, and somehow seem to have missed the initial solicits, so I’ll have to re-order, but they sound interesting. First is Bad Moon Rising, which looks to be about a biker gang who also happen to be werewolves. That premise alone sells the book for me, but I have never heard of the creative team, or the publisher for that matter, so I’ll be taking a gamble. Second is a book titled RRH, which is about a high school student who finds out she’s a direct descendant of Red Riding Hood, and the wolves are still out there looking to end mankind. Again, not familiar with this company on anyone involved with the title, but it sounds like it could have a Buffy vibe to it, only with werewolves instead of vampires. If there’s anyone reading this who knows anything about these titles or the companies putting them out, please leave a comment.


Also Out This Week:

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