Hack Issues: Horror Comics For The Week Of 10/21/15


If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you may have noticed that I always add Crossed to the list but have never spotlighted it. There’s a couple of reasons for that. One, it’s been going on for so long, and two, it’s been through several writers since it began with Garth Ennis way back in 2008. When it first started, I can tell you in all honesty that I was initially turned off of it because of just how sickening some of the content was. I always knew Garth Ennis was a twisted fucker, but holy hell I had no idea just how twisted until I read Crossed.


I fully realize I probably just sold the series to some of you, so for further info, as well as where to start buying the trades or tracking down single issues, I’ll direct you to the series’ wiki page. It’s a fairly comprehensible guide for all things Crossed.


Now, maybe you just like the sound of Crossed, but don’t necessarily want to dig through 7 years worth of material just yet. Maybe you want to dip your toe in and just see if this is the book for you. Well, I’ve got good news for you as well, friend. This week, Avatar is shipping a two-part series titled Crossed: Dead or Alive. Garth Ennis is returning for a two part story that is aimed at preparing readers for the upcoming movie. Or, to put it another way, a great way to introduce yourself to the Crossed universe. Make sure and note that for some reason, Avatar will have BOTH issues on the rack at the same time this week, so make sure you don’t miss #2. As to why they didn’t just put this out as an oversized special instead of two separate issues in the same week, your guess is as good as mine.



Another head’s up, as of this writing some of the covers on both are already sold out at Midtown, so don’t sleep on this if you’re interested. There are multiple covers, but prices vary.


Other notables this week include lGodzilla in Hell, a new issue of Wolf and I gotta tell you I’m still loving the hell out of that book, fans of the movie Trancers should note that there’s a new comic based on it out, and a new comic co-written by Joe R. Landsdale titled Steam Man, which looks cool, set in the wild west, about giant steam powered robots who were created to fight invading Martians.


Also Out This Week:

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