Hack Issues: Horror Comics For The Week Of 11/18/15


It’s almost turkey day, but before you get ready to stuff your faces with casseroles and cooked bird, why not stuff your face with some horror comics first? They’re way less fattening, won’t put you in a food coma, and they won’t leave your body several hours later. Horror comics stay with you forever. This week isn’t exactly bursting at the seams with new releases, but there’s enough to keep you reading until chow time.


If you stopped by the site recently, you may have already read my review of this week’s spotlight book, Project Nemesis #2. If you haven’t head over here to check that out. If you’re unfamiliar with Project Nemesis, the short version is it’s a comics adaptation of a popular series of kaiju novels from writer Jeremy Robinson, featuring art by Matt Frank. It comes to us courtesy of American Gothic Press, which is Famous Monsters of Filmland’s new comic book imprint. I highly recommend checking their stuff out, especially Project Nemesis and Broken Moon. You can get the first issues of all four of their initial titles in their comic starter pack here, and for half of what you’d pay retail. That’s a no brainer guys.


The solicit for Project Nemesis #2:


Nemesis is wreaking havoc all over New England, and she’s not even in her final stages! FC-P Investigator Jon Hudson is neck-deep in monster mayhem, but he’ll need luck convincing the authorities that it’s actually a kaiju tearing down buildings on the way to Boston. Meanwhile, people are going missing, bodies are turning up torn to shreds, and General Lance Gordon is showing some disturbing changes following a heart transplant from Nemesis herself!


Project Nemesis is a four issue mini-series with a cover price of $3.99.


Other notable releases this week include the second issue of Steve Niles and Wes Craven’s Coming of Rage, issue 5 of Godzilla in Hell, and just because I was pleasantly surprised by the first issue, Steam Man issue 2.


Also Out This Week:

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