Hack Issues: Horror Comics For The Week Of 11/4/15


As admitted before, I can fully admit to being completely biased when it comes to a new Mike Mignola book. Simply put, I’m a fanboy of the Mignola-verse.I understand that these comics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s perfectly ok. For me though, a new Mignola book is equivalent of say a new film from a favorite director. It is exciting for me, and that’s why they tend to be spotlighted when they ship. There’s other new stuff this week worth a look, and I’ll talk a bit about a couple of other books below, but as for this week’s spotlight, let’s look at Joe Golem.


So Joe Golem is getting the comic book treatment. That’s exciting news for those of us who read the illustrated novel Joe Golem and the Drowning City back in 2012, which was written by Mignola and his frequent collaborator on original novels set in his universe, Christopher Golden. The story of Joe Golem tells of a 1925 Manhattan which has been flooded due to a series of earthquakes. Fast foward several years, and people still live in the city, attempting to make lives for themselves in the wake of disaster. We are introduced to a fourteen year old girl named Molly, and her employer a former magician now turned psychic named Felix. The story kicks into high gear when strange men in gas masks kidnap Felix, and Molly is forced to go on the run. She eventually runs into a strange man and his sidekick Joe Golem, a man made from mud and clay, brought to life to hunt witches.


If you haven’t read the novel, do yourself a favor and get introduced to these characters. Not because it’s required reading to enjoy the new comic, but because it’s a great read. As for the comic, it’s simply titled Joe Golem: Occult Detective, and looks to be a story about a creature that’s stealing children from beneath the waters. I can’t wait to get into it Wednesday.


Solicit from the Dark Horse website:


Forty years after disaster left Lower Manhattan submerged in thirty feet of water, children have begun disappearing below the surface. In this new series, Joe Golem hunts the terrifying creature that has been pulling children into the depths of the canals.


Joe Golem Occult Detective will be an ongoing series made up of mini-series, if that makes sense. It’s just how Dark Horse does things, and it works well. The cover price for this first series is $3.50.


Now for a couple of other things that caught my eye. First up in a new Grant Morrison book from BOOM! Studios titled Klaus. In the book, Grant delves into the real history of Santa Claus, what he was like when he was younger, and what lead to him becoming who we know him to be today. According to the solicit, Morrison will be drawing on the character’s Viking lore and Siberian shamanism roots, and will pit him against his nemesis, the evil Krampus-Klaus. I know it’s sacrilege to be talking Christmas when most of us are still nursing Halloween hangovers, but his sounds like one hell of an entertaining story to me, and I’m looking forward to digging into it.


Next up is an indie, from 451 Media Group, a company I’m not familiar with prior to hearing about a book called ExMortis. I know nothing of the creative team, but this one sold me based on premise. The book is set during WWII, and the Nazis have uncovered Victor Frankenstein’s diary, and are using it to build an army of the undead to fend off the Allies attempt to liberate Europe. In order to combat the supernatural threat, the Allies enlist supernatural soldiers of their own, in the form of classic monsters such as the Wolfman, Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, and the Gill Man. This sounds a LOT like a book from Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan (AMC’s Comic Book Men, Kevin Smith’s friends) that IDW published several years ago titled War of the Undead, and that book was goddamn fantastic. If ExMortis is even half as good as that one was, this is going to be a damn good read. It’s sold out at Midtown as of this writing though, so you’ll have to do some work to secure a copy if you didn’t pre-order.


Other notables this week include Paper Girls #2 from Saga writer Brian K. Vaughan because how fucking good was that first issue?, and issue #2 of the new Vertigo title Survivor’s Club because I thought it too had a strong first issue.


Also Out This Week:

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