Hack Issues: Horror Comics For The Week Of 12/10/15


Alright kids, apologies if you missed out on any comics last week, technical (real life) issues prevented me from being able to get the post done. Hopefully you were able to get your horror comic fix in my absence. I’m back this week though, and if Facebook is to be believed, today marks the one year birthday of Hack Issues. Hard to believe it’s been a year, these posts have been fun for me to do, and I greatly appreciate anyone who finds their way by Horrorsexy.com and checks out my little comic book corner of the site. There’s plenty more to come!


This week, I’m going to be spotlighting another release from American Gothic Press. You may be a little tired of my going on and on about them at this point, but I’m genuinely enjoying everything they’ve released so far, and I’m a big fan of their quality over quantity approach to what they publish. Today (if you’re reading this on wednesday), my favorite AGP book Broken Moon, releases it’s third issue. I haven’t read it yet, but you can expect a review to hopefully be posting in the next couple of days. If you’re unfamiliar, I encourage you to check back to some of the most recent Hack Issues for why I’m so excited about this book. The short version is, two of the biggest name in horror comics, Steve Niles and Nat Jones, are collaborating on a comic in which the  moon has been nearly destroyed by war, and the creatures of the night have come crawling out of the woodwork. Vampires vs Werewolves fight for control of the Earth, with an army of Frankenstein’s just to the north ready to enter the fray. How anyone could not be stoked for this, I’ll never understand.


The solicit for Broken Moon issue #3 from the American Gothic Press website:


In dire need of an army, werewolves and humans searched for Frankenstein – and found him, in a city alongside scores of other patchwork people he’s sewn up along the way. But this mad, broken doctor is only interested in experimenting – quite possibly on Rantz’s and Avery’s friends – and it will take a dangerous journey to the Vampire City to convince him that the destruction of the world is at hand.


Other notable releases this week include Cullen Bunn’s Harrow County #8, the third issue of Wes Craven’s collaboration with Steve Niles Coming of Rage, and issue #149 of The Walking Dead, which I desperately want to talk about because of what’s going on, but it’s hard to do without spoiling the book.


Also Out This Week:

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