Hack Issues: Week of 2/11 – Walking Dead #137


So last week bent all of our wallets over a barrel and had it’s way with them. This week? We’re thankfully being given time to heal. Not a whole lot to get excited about, but still some good comics on the racks. Let’s get to it.


Pertaining to this week’s spotlight comic, let’s take a second to reflect upon the elephant in the room. No spoilers here, of course, but holy shit at the Walking Dead mid-season premiere Sunday night. They came out swinging. You just know I’m giving a new issue of the comic the nod for book of the week. You’ve just got to love Kirkman’s ability to build things up, adding just a little more each issue to stir the pot, keeping you on pins and needles waiting for things to explode. That utopia Rick had built following All Out War? Yeah, I have a sneaking suspicion, we are about to see every bit of that blow up in his face, and he doesn’t even see it coming. The worst part? Carl’s gonna be right in the middle of it. I’m not saying this week’s #137 is where everything is going to hit the fan, but I am saying it’s coming, and sooner rather than later. The issue’s solicitation, which simply reads “A future uncertain” hints at it.



Outside of that, the only other things I’m looking forward to are the new issue of Abe Sapien, because I really dig that character and it’s been fun seeing him on his own, searching for some answers as to who he really is and how he came to be, Fables The Wolf Among Us #2, because I just recently played the game, and Christ was it good, and the third issue of Cullen Bunn’s (Wolf Moon) new Army of Darkness series at Dynamite, which pits our hero Ash versus the Deadites… IN SPACE.


Also Out This Week:

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