Hack Issues: Week of 2/18 – Creepy Comics #19, The Strain: The Night Eternal #6


This is yet another week that is relatively light on horror releases. I am looking forward to a couple of books though, as per usual. For the spotlight book this week, I’m going with The Strain: The Night Eternal #6, not only because it’s a damn solid comics adaptation of the novels, but also because the comic is nearing my favorite part in the story. No spoilers here for those who maybe haven’t read the  novels yet but plan to, or those just following along with the television show, so I won’t go into a lot of detail. Let’s just say Eph and Quinlan are going after Nora, and shit is going down sooner rather than later.


For those unfamiliar with The Strain, it started as a project from Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labryinth, Hellboy 2, Pacific Rim) which he was trying to get developed for television. He was never able to find a buyer for it, and instead turned it into a trilogy of novels, with the help of Chuck Hogan, the popularity of which eventually led to it being turned into a television show on FX. It’s a vampire story, though not in the typical sense, as the vampirism in The Strain is of the viral variety. The story focuses on a CDC doctor named Ephram and a small group of rebels as they fight against The Master and his vampire army, in an effort to stop the Strain before it spreads all over the world.


The other book I can’t wait to get my hands on this week is one that I don’t normally even mention here in Hack Issues, Dark Horse Presents. While Dark Horse is no stranger to horror comics, it’s certainly not all they do, and Presents is sort of their showcase book, an anthology in which they often introduce new characters or stories, and if they see a response from fans, those characters or stories may become new series’ on their own. In this week’s issue however, which is numbered 7 but is actually the 200th issue overall, Mike Mignola and Fabio Moon have an all-new Hellboy story, which is a follow up to their previous joint effort on the character in the excellent “The Coffin Man”, featured in the Hellboy sampler back on Hellboy Day in March of 2014.


Also this week I want to take a second just to point out the badass that is the Sanjulian cover to Creepy Comics #19. Holy shit if that thing doesn’t jump off the shelf at you, then I just don’t even know what to say. Absolutely gorgeous cover, and brilliant choice on the yellow background instead of yet another black or gray comic book cover, which the shelves are already full of.


Also out this Week:

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