Hack Issues – Week Of 2/25/15 – Suiciders #1


There’s nothing like the prospect of having new badassery injected into your reading habits. My absolute favorite day at work at the comic shop is the day the new Previews comes in, and I get to look over all the new comics that will be coming in the next couple of months. There was a time when I did almost nothing online but keep up with comics, so I already knew about most things long before they got solicited. These days though, I’m a bit more spread out, and while I still do pretty good with keeping up, there tends to be a surprise or two when that new Previews ships. This week’s spotlight book is one that I’d already heard about, and gotten excited for though, as the primary creator is a personal favorite of mine. Lee Bermejo’s Suiciders #1 ships this week from Vertigo, the mature readers imprint of DC Comics.


There are a lot of what is typically known as “me too” artists working these days, guys who instead of honing their own style, just mimic the art of an already established artist. Bermejo has a style that is not only unique, but is apparently also hard to mimic as there aren’t a lot of clones out there. What I dig about it so much is that it’s got a sense of realism to it, particularly his superhero stuff. Batman’s suit looks more like the armor he wears in the movies, not EVERYTHING is form-fitting spandex, as there are actual folds in cloth, and stitching. Things like that, the attention to detail, not to mention the dark, brooding nature of a lot of it, are what make him such a special artist.


In Suiciders, Bermejo handles both the art and the writing, which he’s done before only usually in hard cover original graphic novels, such as Batman Noel, and Joker, both of which were excellent. This time though, he isn’t working on already established properties, and I can’t wait to see what he does when he’s let off the chain to play in his own world with his own characters. I’ve only read the four preview pages which were included in the back of pretty much every DC Comic this month, and I’m dying to get into the rest of the issue. The synopsis for issue one from the Vertigo website reads:



In the post-apocalyptic city of New Angeles, killing isn’t just a crime – it’s entertainment.

When the “big one” finally hit the West Coast, Los Angeles was left in ruins. And when the U.S. government decided to cut the city loose, things went from bad to worse. To survive, L.A. did what it does best: It turned survival into entertainment.

Now, thirty years later, the city of New Angeles is thriving once more thanks to the blood sport known as SUICIDERS – a TV series that combines the spectacle of hand-to-hand combat with elaborate, high-tech obstacles that test each competitor’s ability to survive. But these competitors have an edge: They’ve been freakishly enhanced by drugs and technology. The results are both marvelous and monstrous, as the man called The Saint begins to rise above his fellow Suiciders.

SUICIDERS is a dark, post-apocalyptic epic that tells the story of a strange, brutal world, written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, the #1 New York Times best-selling writer/artist behind JOKER, BATMAN: NOEL, LUTHOR and BEFORE WATCHMEN: RORSCHACH.


Other highlights of the week include DC Comics legends Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon, the duo that created Batman villain Bane, working together again on a new creator owned project titled Joe Frankenstein, a Garbage Pail Kids one-shot for Valentine’s Day, and the second issue of the new Zombies vs Robots ongoing.


Also out this week:

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