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The lack of this week’s releases is directly proportionate to the flood of new stuff last week, so I hope you saved yourself something to read. This is easily the lightest week that we’ve had since Hack Issues began. In a way that’s a bummer, and honestly a surprise being that this is the first week of a new month, but in a way it’s also a relief as this is one hellacious bluray release week. Of course, being that this month DC is also shipping Joker variants for almost every one of their titles, and I’ll be getting them all, it still isn’t a small week for yours truly. But then, not everybody shares in my obsession with the Clown Prince of Crime, and we aren’t here to talk about me. On to the horror comics!




One of the most popular horror mags of all time is getting into the comics game. Famous Monsters of Filmland has begun it’s own imprint, American Gothic Press, and has announced a line bearing the name “Famous Monsters Presents”.  First out of the gate is a book titled “Gunsuits”, written by Paul Tobin with art by PJ Holden. It promises gigantic robot on monster action, similar in vein to Pacific Rim or Neon Genesis Evangelion. Personally, I’m hoping for much more of the former than latter.


If you read Hack Issues a couple of weeks ago, the Harrow County article, you’ll recall I talked about a book titled “Colder” which Tyler Crook did art on. It was a fantastically weird, and original story, and I highly recommend checking it out. Paul Tobin did the writing on that book, and based on that, I signed up immediately for Gunsuits. He’s also done work for Marvel and DC, as well as other Dark Horse projects including the recent Prometheus series, which tied directly to the new Alien and Predator comics. PJ Holden is more of an obscure reference for American comic readers, but fans of Britain’s 2000 AD will recognize the Judge Dredd alum immediately. About the only notable work he’s done for an American comics company is an Image Comics miniseries from the late 90’s titled Fearless, which I read way back then, but don’t remember much about. His work on Numbercruncher I’m not familiar with. Still, I dig his Dredd stuff, and from what I’ve seen, Gunsuits will definitely be no slouch in the art department.


You can read more about Gunsuits on the Famous Monsters website here.




Potts is a gunsuit pilot engaged in all-out war with horrific tentacled creatures who appear to be from another planet, except in the world of Gunsuits, where wormholes lead to an infinite number of alternate universes, nothing is that simple. Potts is about to come face to face with herself. From the writer of Prometheus and the arisit of Numbercruncher.


Also out this Week:

2 thoughts on “Hack Issues – Week Of 06/02/2015

  1. Hi Mitch, thanks for the kind words, I’d urge you to seek out Dept of Monsterology – another book I did last year with Renegade Arts, about a university dept who go looking for monsters – it’s got a very BPRD vibe, but with much more pulpy sensibilities (the first book is all about hopping chinese vampires…)


    • Thank you for stopping by, PJ! I’ll definitely look into it. And Gunsuits was fantastic, I’m ready for the next issue.

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