Hack Issues: Week of 3/25/15 – The Goon – Once Upon A Hard Time


It’s Wednesday again, time to take a look at the horror comics hitting the shelves at your local comic shop this week. Prepare yourselves, this is another big ship week, with books from the big three (DC, Marvel, and Image) as well as plenty of indies. Before deciding on this week’s spotlight comic, I went back through and looked at every Hack Issues post to date as there were several books in contention. What I found was a little shocking. I’ve yet to do a single post about an issue of Eric Powell’s The Goon, which is blasphemy, as it’s one of my top 3 favorite comics currently in print.


Goon is a comic about a guy who is a legbreaker for the Labrazio mob. He spends most of his time in Norton’s Pub, located on Lonely Street, with his best friend and sidekick Franky. The two of them defend the tavern from the likes of the Zombie Priest and all manner of other Supernatural foes, getting into all kinds of trouble along the way. It blends comedy, horror, and noir elements seamlessly into one of the most hilariously entertaining books I’ve ever read. It’s both written and drawn by creator Eric Powell, who does most of the work on the book by himself. His is a very unique style, which naturally is a perfect fit for the book.


The current storyline, titled Once Upon a Hard Time follows directly after the events of Occasion of Revenge, in which a group of witches put Goon through the wringer like nobody ever has. Hard Time promises big changes for the book and all of it’s characters. If you’ve never read The Goon before, now is the perfect time to jump on.


Synopsis from the Dark Horse Comics website:


As the Goon patiently waits for the men sent to kill him, he passes the time with a classic book that parallels his descent into a man turned animal. Eric Powell delves into a reflective Goontale inspired by the work of legendary fantasy author H. G. Wells.


Other highlights this week include the penultimate issue of Scott Snyder and Jock’s absolutely fantastic series Wytches, new issues of The Walking Dead, Gotham By Midnight, and Suiciders, as well as the third issue of IDW’s wonderful new Zombies vs Robots ongoing series.


Also Out This Week:

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