Hack Issues: Week of 3/4/15 – ’68 Jungle Jim: Guts N’ Glory One-Shot


Hey kids! It’s time for new comics again. This week is one of those somewhat rare weeks where there’s plenty of horror comic goodness, but I’m actually more excited about the non-horror releases. Of course a new issue of Wolf Moon will be my first read of the week, but after that I’ll be heading off into a brand new crime thriller from Goon creator Eric Powell, titled Big Man Plans, and a new sci-fi drama from Sweet Tooth writer/artist Jeff Lemire (Descender). This week’s spotlight could very easily have been Wolf Moon, as I’m pretty sure it’s the best werewolf comic that’s ever been done, but I think I’ve talked it up plenty at this point, so I wanted to go with something new.


Jungle Rot, dysentery, Agent Orange, mud, political activists, how do you make the Vietnam War even more terrifying than it already was? If you’re ‘68 comic creator and writer Mark Kidwell, you add a zombie apocalypse to the mix. Before you start moaning and groaning about yet another zombie comic, let me assure you that this is far from the norm when it comes to four color undead fare. The Vietnam War setting adds an incredibly unsettling vibe all by itself, as the series has progressed and we’ve become more familiar and attached to characters, you just never know when something horrific, be it zombie or just simply war related, will happen to one of them. There’s an uneasiness to each new one-shot or miniseries that’s almost unmatched in today’s zombie comics. It’s sort of like reading The Walking Dead before the television show came along and made certain characters safe in the comic.


The art in ‘68 is what initially caught my eye in a comic genre that’s well past saturated. I’m a HUGE Nat Jones fan, have been since the Crow/Razor crossover he did way back in 1998. His art is pretty much the definition of gritty. Think of his style as the grindhouse of comic books. Nat did the original mini-series, but since then has only done cover art for subsequent mini’s and one shots. The interior art was handed off to another personal favorite of mine, Jeff Zornow, which is a name that anybody visiting this site should already be familiar with. This week Jeff returns to 68 in the Jungle Jim Guts N Glory one-shot, after spending some time drawing some amazingly hot kaiju action in Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth.


The solicit for Guts N Glory from the Image Comics website:


JUNGLE JIM IS DEAD. LONG LIVE JUNGLE JIM! Private Brian Curliss returns to Vietnam, armored in bamboo, burlap, and a haunted gas mask to avenge a group of slaughtered US Peace Corps volunteers murdered by the sadistic guerillas of the Khmer Rouge. In hellish jungles swarming with the living dead, a hero’s sanity can pass the breaking point…and his soul be lost in the eyes of a ghost from home.


Other notables this week are Wolf Moon and Big Man Plans, as mentioned above, as well as a new Hack Slash/ Nailbiter crossover, the second issue of Richard Corben’s Rat God, and a brand new IDW series that I’m curious about, titled Monster Motors : Curse Of Minivan Helsing. No idea bout that last one, but the solicit sounded like it could be fun.


Also out this Week:

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