Hack Issues: Week Of 4/15/15 – Sabrina #2 / Archie VS. Predator #1


Not one but TWO Archie books to spotlight in this week’s Hack Issues! While historically known as an “all-ages” type of company, Archie has been setting its sights on the wallets of we older readers as of late. It started with Afterlife With Archie, which has not only been the topic of a previous Hack Issues, but was also mentioned on this week’s HorrorSexy Podcast with Shawn and James, which you should listen to RIGHT now if you haven’t already.Since then they’ve announced their intention of launching an entire line of horror comics, and they definitely aren’t fun for the whole family.


As mentioned, Archie has two books worth your money this week on the racks, one is the first issue of a brand new series, and the other is the long overdue second issue of a series that started last year. First up, let’s talk about the late book. Yes friends, it’s  not a mirage, the second issue of the new mature take on Sabrina the Teenage Witch is finally arriving. Being that the first issue came out way back in October, my recollection of the details is a bit fuzzy, but I remember that this is a new telling of her origin, only vastly darker in tone. There’s Satanic worship, eating of flesh, and witches doing what witches do. Far more graphic than any origin for Sabrina that’s ever been seen before. Those of us who have been reading Afterlife With Archie know where she’s headed too, and to be honest I’m kinda ready to get past the origin, and see that storyline progress, as it hasn’t been revisited as of yet in Afterlife.


The entire horror line at Archie seems to be the brainchild of writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, as he writes both Afterlife and Sabrina. He’s definitely not cutting his horror teeth here though, as he’s written previously for Marvel in their supernatural themed version of DC’s Swamp Thing, known as Man-Thing, and he also wrote the screenplays for both 2013’s remake of Stephen King’s Carrie, and 2014’s The Town that Dreaded Sundown. Joining Roberto on Sabrina is Robert Hack, who is primarily known for his work on Doctor Who comics for IDW. That being the case, I wasn’t too familiar with him going into Sabrina. His style fits not only the book perfectly though, but fits into the tone and look of the Archie horror universe as well.


Synopsis from the ArchieHorror website:


After the shocking revelations of last issue, Sabrina’s mortal boyfriend Harvey doesn’t quite seem himself. In fact, he doesn’t seem human. His body’s there, but his soul is… elsewhere. When the Witches’ Council refuses to help her, Sabrina turns to Madame Satan for comfort, playing right into her evil schemes. This dark re-imagining of everyone’s favorite teen witch continues!




After you’re done with all the Satanic content in Sabrina, you might be ready for something a little lighter in tone. Probably not, but you might be. That’s where Archie vs Predator #1 comes in. If I’m being perfectly honest, as ridiculous of a concept as this book initially sounds, all I wanted from it was for it to be done in the style of those classic Archie comics, complete with cartoonish art and bright, vibrant colors. I want to see Predator doing what Predator does, spine rips, skull polishing, shoulder cannon exploding heads, and all, done in a “Saturday Morning Cartoon” vibe. I got my hands on an ash can preview of the first issue a couple of weeks ago, and that looks to be exactly what we are getting. I haven’t read the full issue yet, but I’m beyond excited to get my hands on it. Alex de Campi is writing the series, and aside from her Smoke mini-series from IDW, I’ve not read any of her stuff. I enjoyed it though, so I’m hoping she can pull this off as well. Cartoonish Archie art is being done by Rich Koslowski who worked on Archie previously in Archie meets Kiss, as well as some stuff for Marvel, and an independent comic titled Zombies vs Cheerleaders.


Synopsis from the Dark Horse Comics website:


America’s favorite teen meets the galaxy’s fiercest hunter! Archie and friends hit Costa Rica for Spring Break, where party games and beach games are soon replaced by the Most Dangerous Game! What mysterious attraction does the gang hold for the trophy-collecting Predator, and will the kids even realize they’re in danger before it claims them all?


Also out this Week:

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