Hack Issues: Week of 4/22/15 – Zombies VS. Robots #4


Welcome back, Hack Issue fiends! Another week, another reason to hit your local comic shop and pick yourself up some new four color terror. This week has a little something to scratch plenty of horror itches, including vampires, swamp creatures, Frankenstein’s monster, and the resident monsters of MIdian…but it’s zombies and murderous robots that get the spotlight.


Zombies VS. Robots is one of those ideas that may sound simple enough, but once you witness it, you can’t help but love how awesome it is. It’s a simple as a nuclear scorched Earth, populated by robots and zombies, who are constantly at odds with each other. The current ongoing series was born from a series of popular one-shots and mini-series all of which are available in collected form, as well as a series of prose novels. Writer Chris Ryall tells all manner of tales in a rich universe filled with quirky humor, odd, lovable homicidal robots and the undead. Throw in crazy scientists, a ragtag group of astronauts fresh out of cryo-sleep with little to no idea exactly what’s going on back home, and you can imagine what kind of fun this book has been.  Joining Chris early on during the regular book has been horror comics legend Steve Niles, who is writing a short back-up story as well.


Ryall co-created Zombies vs Robots with amazing artist Ashley Wood. A personal favorite of mine, Ashley’s style is one that is different than anyone else’s and is immediately recognizable. The art is purposely jagged, jarring, and has an almost kinetic effect. For the ongoing, Wood has so far done mainly covers, but regular artist Anthony Diecidue has stepped in and uses a similar style. It’s different, but the same if that makes sense. By design, there’s not a lot of color, but a heavy use of line work and shadows that give the art an almost scratchy look. Characters are appropriately disproportioned, and the design of the robots have a late 50’s / early 60’s sci-fi vibe to them. Basically, this book has been a pleasure to look at.


Other standouts this week include the second issue of IDW’s The Fly: Outbreak series, a new issue of Grind House Drive in, Bleed Out, and the second issue of Mike (Hellboy) Mignola’s Frankenstein Underground.


Also out this Week:

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